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    Thu Feb 23 21:18:44 2017

    @Honk Sometimes the best medicine is hope buddy :(

    One time I had hope and now I have aids, that can't be a coincidence

  2. Thu Feb 23 21:14:52 2017

    @Honk <link to the independent>

    I'd rather have aids than read fake news websites thanks

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    Thu Feb 23 09:22:31 2017
    Nick posted in Build Thread.


  4. 18 hours ago
    Thu Feb 23 09:21:38 2017
    Nick posted in Build Thread.

    @Luv Here's what I got:

    Oath Shot Cunt, for tasty blackouts, 20s LR and annoying mesmers camping apply (shoutout to Elran):

    The Scary Flaggy, to scare those cocky splitters and pushers on the heavy-split maps in March:

    SoDominator, just for the fun:

    The Spearosaurus, tanky as fuck and heavy dmg. Lsurge cunts, bring it on:

    Apply para, I stole that from someone in this thread, but this flux makes it even cooler:

    Imbue Surge, for annoying flag pushers on your flagger, helpless solo monks at stand an what not:

    More to come

    Isn't it only +2 without elites? Was trying to remember why we never brought cruel spear on the warrior lol
    or is this +2 to all secondary atts only?

  5. 2 days ago
    Tue Feb 21 13:34:31 2017

    I love how the bots can't tell the difference between a good prediction and a bot
    Don't you think if you had any idea the thought processes of good players then you'd be able to beat EDGE+4hench without 6+ rupt bots/prot bots/every other bot under the sun?
    Stark is absolutely right. It'd be much more suspicious if there was more than one example of something this close happening. Things like this aren't all that uncommon to happen once or twice every few games.

    Like when somebody who can ele or monk doesn't get rupted or cancel spells all game, then at some random point 15-20 minutes into the game dodges the first rupt used on him perfectly just like a bot would. Good players can do this because they've played enough games and are good enough to get a feel of what's coming and what risks they're in.

    If you guys had any idea what playing against LaG spike as a monk is like, if you don't spam lots of skills in prediction and overprot a lot then you're at very higher risk of taking random deaths than against any other build (even ap spike) beacuse of how instant the spike is and all the KD's/shutdown that can come on multiple of your backliners during it. Just like how Ali was spamming aura stability on the heal all game even when there was no warrior/assassin near him and while the heal was at 100% health, and how he was spamming prots on low AR targets at the start while he had the energy to and the LaG spike was at its strongest with full energy and 0 pressure on them.

    When you aren't even good enough at the game to beat EDGE henchway you should probably hesitate a little and be a bit less confident about what you think good players can do. That's probably a big part of why you blame so many people for botting (other than that you want to excuse your own botting), because you're too shit to know what good players who aren't botting can actually do.

    Sure Ali's bstance was "suspicious" and what a bot would do, but it's also what good players can occasionally do with a some luck and instinct (a lot of what good players can do with some luck and instinct could be called "suspicious"). If the best you can do is get 1/4th of a second out of multiple hours of MAT footage and you think that's sufficient to prove botting then you shouldn't be surprised that nobody cares about your opinion regarding this stuff.

    Maybe start by beating EDGE without a team full of programs and people might take your opinion of what is/isn't possible a little more seriously

  6. Tue Feb 21 12:07:04 2017

    I have confession, I used degen bot in finals on necro but hid my chat

  7. 3 days ago
    Mon Feb 20 10:15:13 2017
    Nick posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @ANTPhilip Their necro was "D E E P T R O U T" also known as "Playboy Bunny Marc"

    I'm very skeptical of that because I've played against that Marc guy before many times and if he was the necro he would probably have gotten 60'd in ~5 minutes in the first game we played against them

  8. Mon Feb 20 09:40:38 2017
    Nick posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    The necro was definitely not one of the normal bot team player, that's all I know

  9. Mon Feb 20 06:52:39 2017

    OP now has all the streamed/recorded MAT matches
    Let me know if there are any mistakes or if any are missing

  10. 5 days ago
    Sat Feb 18 09:30:44 2017
    Nick posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Friendly reminder that you can only post on qq if you have champ 9+ and 20+ golds

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