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  1. 5 months ago
    Sun May 21 06:48:01 2017
    J Janni posted in 2017 May Monthly.

    Thanks, fixed the final according to your video.

  2. Sun May 21 03:29:06 2017
    J Janni posted in 2017 May Monthly.

    With some videos appearing, one could write skills down from recordings. I did that once, but it's some work. Might be useful for Ali in finals.

    Any mAT vids so far?

  3. 7 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:22:16 2017
    Godly changed Janni's group to Member.
  4. 9 months ago
    Tue Jan 24 15:06:31 2017
    J Janni posted in QQ is looking for more!.

    @thewar fixed!


  5. 10 months ago
    Sun Jan 15 08:35:30 2017
    J Janni posted in Buildwars.

    I made a big update, consisting of two different updates. There are several great plans right now, so this can be seen as a preview. Plans include hosting a forum, trying to retrieve all builds from gw-memorial, taking over their domain (registration ends Wednesday at 18:13 German time).

    Note that this update is only on the new server. Depending on your DNS servers' TTL settings, it might take some time until you see the changes. You can easily tell it's the new website by the dark design.

    26 Dec 2016 (internal release only)

    • New design
    • Now uses pretty links instead of parameters
    • Browse by map , event or year (NOTE: feel free to request new events to be added or to provide a text to be added an event's page)
    • If you browse by year, you can click on a month (the number in the table)
    • In the month overview, mAT matches are displayed before other matches
    • Search for more builds from a certain guild from a match page
    • Added daily quests, weekly bonusses, AT dates, mAT dates, Flux and maps cycle (dates are always the start times in YOUR computer's timezone)

    15 Jan 2017

    • Bug fixes, mostly related to pretty links
    • Removed Lemming from admin list (FAQ)
    • Header image adjusted to the isle the match was played on if on a match page (random otherwise)
    • Added displaying of tournament trees if we have any (currently only July and September 2015 , please send screenshots to me if you have screenshots of each round in any other mAT)
    • Added information/comparison about skills not allowed in Banned Battles and the [Flux]less Tournament to the [Flux]less Tournament special page (better than those shitty images)
    • Added Akemi to admin list (FAQ)
    • Removed some unfinished stuff again for the pre-release
    • Removed "More >" buttons and used the guild name for that, as there is no ladder website we could link to
    • Added searching for players by clicking on their names
    • Rented a new server for this, so we could eventually move to a different domain again (old ISP only allowed using domains I rented from them) or host even more stuff
    • As I have full control over the server now, I disabled all kinds of logging, so there's guaranteed no logging anymore on memorial
  6. Fri Jan 6 13:21:22 2017
    J Janni posted in Ladder Website: gw2w.de:1337.

    Now it's completely gone. White site now:

    Gonna put a static version of the last ladder on (current state of gw2w.de:1337). RIP in peace.
    Probably I need to host the Guild Wars servers one day. But only if I may ban syncers as I like.

  7. Thu Jan 5 16:40:59 2017
    J Janni posted in Ladder Website: gw2w.de:1337.

    Official ladder site is no longer working since two days now (stuck at 2017-01-03). Therefore, my ladder website won't work either. I'm surprised it hasn't deleted all the guilds but displays the last working version instead. Let's see how this continues. If there is no official ladder site anymore, I can't get the data anywhere. :(

  8. 11 months ago
    Wed Dec 14 07:10:52 2016
    J Janni posted in Ladder Website: gw2w.de:1337.

    The "add guild" feature is there for people to add guilds. Only very few guilds are added by other people right now, moving it somewhere else will further decrease the number. Also, if you want to add multiple guilds, you would have to scroll down again and again.

    Maybe I will sometime try making the top picture a bit smaller, but I think I leave it.

  9. Tue Dec 13 18:12:12 2016
    J Janni posted in Ladder Website: gw2w.de:1337.

    I set it to a fixed 1 week timeframe. Making settings for this is way too complicated.

    14 Dec 2016 (not updated on site)

    • Changed the guild number displayed during startup from "unknown" to "???", because the first was too long
    • Added highlighting of guilds who have played in the past 7 days. This is rounded down and switches after midnight German time. For example: If it's Wednesday 00:30, a guild that has played last Tuesday is not highlighted. If it's Wednesday 23:00, a guild that has played their last game at last Wednesday 00:30 is highlighted.

    14 Dec 2016

    • Added win percentage
    • Made preparations for formatting the messages after adding a guild (not yet implemented in CSS)
    • Changed the checkbox label from "unimportant" to "suspicious"

    14 Dec 2016

    • Added note about unapproved guilds
    • Changed checkbox label again, this time to "unapproved"
  10. Tue Dec 13 17:03:28 2016
    J Janni posted in Ladder Website: gw2w.de:1337.

    Well, all manipulating guilds are hidden or in smaller font. I don't care which of these they do. The easiest way to do this would probably be a system that creates a CSS file that adds the information. Not something I will do anytime soon.
    For the highlighting of active guilds, which timeframe do you prefer? 1 week? 10 days? Two weeks?
    The current timeframe of 3 months is set by ANet.

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