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  1. 5 days ago
    Thu Apr 20 05:52:19 2017


  2. last week
    Sat Apr 15 15:33:41 2017
    A Ali posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    U have a loooooong way to go my friend

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 4 00:11:52 2017
    A Ali posted in Build Thread.

    I think that smite mes is really good, especially in this flux. Been telling my guild to run it but I don't think they're intrigued !

  4. Sun Apr 2 06:01:42 2017
    Godly changed Ali's group to Member.
  5. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 23 16:48:08 2017

    No I was in RA 10 mins before the AT then got caught up on a call and forgot to change to prot.

    But ye, Karla has an RA build too it looks like

  6. Thu Mar 23 16:42:49 2017

    I had my RA build, I used guardian tho!

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 6 08:43:25 2017
    Godly changed Ali's group to +.
  8. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 24 02:38:39 2017
    A Ali posted in Rainy (prot) LF Guild .

    Good luck from me and also from @Nick

  9. Fri Feb 24 02:36:15 2017
    A Ali posted in ab week.

    I haven't seen a girl in 11 years, this was too much for me.

  10. 2 months ago
    Tue Feb 21 10:14:14 2017
    A Ali posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    You just proved my point. If you knew anything about this game then you can answer those questions yourself.

    Let's not joke here you would be EDGE standard without your ruptbots and protbots.

    You're so proud to beat people with all of this extra help from your programmes aren't you.

    Get good.

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