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  1. 3 hours ago
    Mon Feb 20 14:34:51 2017
    Godly posted in ab week.

    Ready for AB!

  2. Mon Feb 20 14:06:30 2017
    Godly posted in 2017 February Monthly.


    Obviously streaming isn't 100% proof that you're clean. I used to play CS 1.6 quite lot years ago and even back then people need to record their pov in serious matches. The reason was that anyone could look at suspicious situations and judge if there was anything fishy. It was still possible to hide your aimbot or even wallhack, you would just need to play around it. I would guess the cheats in this game goes to same category, if you have any brains, you shouldn't get caught. The only situation where cheating is close to impossible is playing at LAN.

    I'm just saying recording still says a lot, especially in those fishy situations. It's not definite proof you aren't botting either. Also I can just say this, both sides are quite biased with lots of things. I don't believe anything what most alt users say, because there's no ground usually. Then there's lots of "top" players who say this guy is botting and this guy isn't(their guildmates/friends). If you ask me most top players can't tell difference between rock or bot and/or are just really biased. Also unlike lots of people here, I don't actually give fuck about are you known "top" player or someone I haven't heard of. If you need to bot in this stage of GW, you're just sad person to me.""

  3. 5 hours ago
    Mon Feb 20 12:29:49 2017
    Godly posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    People should be casted out, if they continously use bots and don't give fuck about it. Anyone can just stop botting and play legit, I bet within in time most people would forgive you, if you honestly have good intentions.

  4. Mon Feb 20 12:25:46 2017

    They didn't want to play builds with ranger :/

  5. Mon Feb 20 12:16:58 2017

    @Ra ; play with mean friends you mean!

    Ps. I do have my own personal blacklist of suspicious people, updating it as it goes.

  6. Mon Feb 20 12:04:58 2017

    Probably, I'm just trying to point out what this 1 guy claims is bullshit though.

    Edit. Also if that's true, then you can't really tell unless someone royalty fucks up, 2-3 rupts in row different directions etc. I'm still saying there's lots of suspicious people, however if they have any brains they shouldn't get caught ever. However recording your pov tells something still and everyone should do it if you ask me. There's no reason to not to imo.

  7. 9 hours ago
    Mon Feb 20 08:40:55 2017
    Godly posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    I heard rumors that some certain top player was playing with them, if anyone have any info regarding that. Feel free to share(can also pm me).

    Ps. Dunno if you friendly alt account users care, but any kind of fishy recording or evidence goes straight to Anet. Also believe or not, people still might get banned.

  8. 10 hours ago
    Mon Feb 20 07:19:04 2017

    It's very serious offense, did you know jokes are forbidden by law in Finland? Can't joke with Finnish people.

  9. 11 hours ago
    Mon Feb 20 06:32:00 2017

    3 Ns(Finns) members count as Ns, obviously!

  10. yesterday
    Sun Feb 19 13:31:45 2017

    The only reason I even bother to "play" this game with botters is that I don't want to leave no doubt. Obviously they want people to think there's a chance I might be botting. As I'm one of the people who speaks most loudly against it.

    I'm fairly sure having played this game(gvg) since 05 already, I know some things and I don't need bot to achieve anything.

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