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  1. 8 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:31:53 2017
    Godly changed Reed's group to Member.
  2. 11 months ago
    Thu Dec 29 09:23:36 2016

    @sync ? Ns hasn't been whining about builds for long time. Actually it started to be other way around, ppl whining about our builds.

    I agree and Mean also stopped whining about other teams builds (mostly since Anet nerfed our 8v8 or resign strategy by delaying how quickly we could resign). - However both guilds moaned more than I have seen SqrL moan.

  3. Tue Dec 27 23:16:22 2016

    @Nick Pretty much every time we load into a game against your guild, if we don't have necro balance someone on your team inevitably complains about "gay shit".

    I think you are confusing SqrL with Mean or Ns.

  4. Mon Dec 26 18:44:14 2016

    IGN: Reed Fails In
    Timezone: Euro
    Roles: Prot monk / Heal monk / Flagger / Mes
    Guild: Violent Thunder Squirrels [SqrL]
    Guest for AT?: Yes

    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? No
    Teacher or Learner?: Neither? (teacher)
    What I want to learn: How to prot... (or assasin)

  5. Mon Dec 26 04:59:39 2016

    @tdrone A monk flagger can afford to cancel cast guardian vs a ranger/mes, how many times can a rit flagger cancel cast weapon of warding? Just having the rit cancel a 10e weapon or spirit is a win for the enemy already.

    A ritualist doesn't really need to cancel vs a ranger (which is one of the ways alot of ritualists burn their energy and end up doing nothing), just don't wait 5seconds between casts so that he always has savage shot ready. If a team really wants both their ranger & mesmer to rupt the ritualist (which I have seen happen in the non teaching scrims), then a) suddenly there is no shutdown on the other monks or b) go run a flag.

  6. Mon Dec 26 04:49:43 2016

    @rotten My propably unpopular opinion is that rawr never played perfect or the right way, their build gave them the edge in a cheesy tactic, which included sending the prot back against 2 splitters. I mean how are you even supposed to 8v8 their midline rit and an unsplittable turret ranger?

    I'm fairly sure they were even cheesier(?) than sending prot back. Once they started with their rawrspike, they used to send Awowa (woh) to defend splits, so that their rit could carry on flagging, and leave three pounds (RC prot) alone vs your team.

  7. Sun Dec 25 14:14:11 2016

    @holye I do think this is an important point to discuss.

    Monk flaggers do outheal Rits in pure numbers and the build should be identified as the superior party healing setup within its limitations (cast range).


    1. Monk Flagger attributes are: 13 Healing, 11 Protection, 11 Divine Favor
    2. Ritualist Flagger Restoration attribute is 14
    3. Party Heal : Energy/Recharge formula = Party Heal / (Energy * Recharge) | The higher the number, the better the skill in terms of Party Healing to Energy/Recharge efficiency.

    Ritualist Party Heal Math

    Protective was Kaolai - 10e, 25 sec recharge, 80 party heal
    80 / (10 * 25) = .32
    Life - 10e, 20 sec recharge, 140 party heal
    140 / (10 * 20) = .7

    .32 + .7 = 1.02

    Within a 20 second period, you can expect to party heal 220 health. You can note here that you do not receive any additional benefit to the skills cast unless you are running Spirit Channeling.

    Monk Party Heal Math

    Heal Burst - 5e, 4 sec recharge, 35 party heal
    35 / (5 * 4) = 1.75
    Shield Guardian - 5e, 20 sec recharge, Each block instance prevents blocked damage and party heals for 32
    ( [32 + average block damage] * # of instances triggered ) / (5 * 20) = ( [32 + average block damage] * # of instances triggered ) / 100

    Just for the sake of an example, I will assume average block damage is 10 and # of instances triggered is 2.
    ( [32 + 10] * 2 ) / 100 = .84

    Within a 20 second period, we can expect the Monk Flagger to cast Heal Burst 4 times and one Shield Guardian. Using the above assumption for Shield Guardian average block damage/# of instances triggered, this equals to (35 * 4) + (42 * 2) = 140 + 84 = 224.

    You can note here that this serves as almost a baseline for this bars party heals as the party healing can scale up based on half recharges on both skills and SG triggering more times and blocking more damage. Additionally, every HB and SG cast benefits from DF bonus on the target cast upon, and HB heals for 140 health on the target cast upon.

    Credit goes to Jonas for explaining the math to me in the past.

    These calculations also only help if your flagger is baby sitting your main team. The ritualist can put down life (or recup) and walk away, drop a pot, grab flag, run back drop another pot etc. The only monk bar that can do this is with LoD / Heal party (buho? :))

    Also HB (given that it party heals for the divine favor value) effectively does not benefit the target as divine favor (i.e the target doesn't get 70 health from being the target). Also SG only provides you with the divine favor heal since afaik its a self casting spell.

  8. Sun Dec 25 09:11:09 2016

    @Nick in my experience teams who 8v8 with rit flaggers in necro bala mirror usually wipe very, very fast against strong offensive teams, now matter how good their backline is.

    Sorry you mean like how OvO (with monk runner) wiped in 3minutes of 8v8 vs SqrL in mAT?

  9. Sun Dec 18 02:34:46 2016

    QF - SqrL vs LaG

    SR3 SqrL vs OvO

    SR2 SqrL vs LaG

    And sorry about the coughing :(

  10. Mon Dec 12 10:26:42 2016

    @Godly Highlights would be much better idea of promoting people as I have seen non-top players even do amazing stuff. However that would require more effort from either someone who wants to record it, whenever they spot something amazing or the person himself/herself

    Are you talking about the mighty Break Fu youtube highlight videos? :P

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