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    Thu Sep 8 01:57:41 2016
    S Silico posted in lf guild for mat .

    GL Antz!

  2. Fri Sep 2 17:56:15 2016

    @Divine Nine GW is not worth logging into anymore.

    This sums it up fairly well.

  3. Mon Aug 22 22:06:01 2016

    @Elsa Disney Frozen That's quite an accusation, there. You have any evidence to back it up?
    Libelous acts can get you in trouble!

    Didn't you admit it?

  4. Fri Aug 19 00:16:56 2016
    S Silico posted in deleted.

    Gl Team! Get that gold Keyes.

  5. Wed Aug 10 02:49:33 2016
    S Silico posted in Guild Wars Nostalgia.

    @Keyes Zynkh, I only mean harder in the sense that it took longer to max by normal means, since you didn't receive 2x. The cap was 10mil, and the quest gave 400 faction, meaning it took 25 000 runs to max from 0. Definitely not a week, some people did it in a few months tho.

    I did this for a while when AB was quiet and PvP was shit in my timezone. So easy, but so time consuming. I did it pretty consistently for a few hours a day for a number of months. Got nowhere near maxing it.

    I remember they banned a shit load of people for a couple of week for botting it. Even A-net acknowledged that the title was a pain in the ass and botting, while not the best option, wasn't getting them perma-banned.

  6. Wed Aug 3 22:51:40 2016

    @Keyes i got muted

    Whats that? Can't hear you.

  7. Fri Jul 15 21:12:57 2016
    S Silico posted in Keyes lf mat :).

    Big floppy vagina.

    But a great player and a great guy

  8. Tue Apr 26 23:40:49 2016
    S Silico posted in Who plays.

    Very few people.

  9. Mon Apr 18 17:22:41 2016
    S Silico posted in looking for guild/mat.

    Top lad. Give Guild.

  10. Thu Mar 31 19:44:33 2016
    S Silico posted in Rainy (prot) LF Guild .

    Great guy.

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