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  1. last week
    Thu Jun 15 15:59:39 2017
    Motoko posted in WoT June.

    Can play. lmk

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 2 05:37:40 2017
    Motoko posted in Hello friends.

    If you are eating a cheeseburger then you are really thinking about all your old USA fam.


  3. 5 weeks ago
    Sat May 20 10:13:12 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    @JornF lol

    I won with 8 accounts.

    I'll be on later to collect my prize.

    Thanks bud!

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Tue May 16 10:38:10 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    @Strange Shisha it's meant to be an incentive, not abolish gw poverty.

    I run a government program in zQ to let Jorn wear a gold trim.

    I love helping the less fortunate :).

  5. Fri May 12 08:24:05 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    I'll sell you a permanent invite to zQ for all your ectos.

  6. 2 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:29:19 2017
    Godly changed Motoko's group to Member.
  7. 3 months ago
    Wed Mar 29 16:34:35 2017
    Motoko posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    I read this somewhere... Keep in mind that the Asians had to play sin split and those types of gimmicks because Anet officially shut down their asian GW1 servers. They couldn't stand a chance playing anything interrupt reliant.

  8. Wed Mar 15 12:56:29 2017
    Motoko posted in Moto LFG/mAT.

    Looking for other offers.

  9. Tue Mar 7 17:56:20 2017
    Motoko started the conversation Moto LFG/mAT.


    I don't know if DnF and if I am scheduled to be on the roster if they are playing.

    Can play anything.

    Hit me up.

  10. 4 months ago
    Mon Feb 20 08:32:25 2017
    Motoko posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Do we know what players were playing for HEIL?

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