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    Tue Jul 18 12:23:34 2017
    Motoko posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    @Sellous Ladders resets + allowing rating loss for not showing would help although I think you should take away the primary incentive to even sync ladder to begin with. If you can only gain champion points in automated tournaments and increase the minimum amount of players needed to engage in automated tournaments syncing becomes far harder. Realistically a team without at least 4 players + 4 henchies or 4 heroes does not belong in an at since they have absolutely no shot at winning. It's a format that makes your team eligible for the monthly automated tournament like wise you should have a full team if even it's with henchies/heroes not 6/8 team.

    The theory is true. Ladder matches should not give points. In fact, ladder at this point should be the new scrim. Still on obs mode to watch, but no benefit other than to practice.

    Keep in mind ATs and mATs would suffer consequences that would need additional modification - People will still sell champ points. Those syncers would then enter in the ATs to flood them with accounts to the point they could create that second AT set during the same AT just to flood it with teams to pair against. They would accept the loss against the real guilds and just farm each other. So you would have to create some sort of mechanism to control that.

  2. Mon Jul 17 14:44:06 2017
    Motoko posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    @kasperov Solution is simple.
    Remove this fucking bug that allows syncers to leave before match starts without loosing rating.
    Without this every1 could just enter gvg with 6 henchies and have fun playing. Then If people see other guys playing with 6 henchies they will try to find more players to win with them and then finally you are going to see 8 people teams in guild battles again.

    Yeah... I suggested this years ago. Automatic enter = no way to avoid getting counter synced. (Along with monthly ladder resets so the syncers are more likely to give up on building up sync-able guilds over and over and over.)

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    Mon Jul 3 23:52:03 2017
    Motoko posted in [pce] - July mAT.

    Oh. I wasn't offering. Sorry to get your hopes up.

  4. Mon Jul 3 13:11:31 2017
    Motoko posted in [pce] - July mAT.

    Replace the kid I've never heard of crying about the possibility of playing with someone better than him and your guild will be unbeatable.

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    Fri Jun 30 15:43:59 2017
    Motoko started the conversation StarCraft Remastered: Pre-Order Available.

    Not sure if any of you have been keeping up with it, but I play UMS quite often and I'll definitely replay the campaign upon release

    Announcement: <--- Lots of details and production info

    <--- We are under attack StarCraft/IRL/Korea

    <--- Gameplay video (Not 100% finalized)

    $14.99 + Tax

    Requires StarCraft® Anthology
    • Requires internet connection, Blizzard account, and Blizzard desktop app to play.
    • StarCraft® Remastered will release by the end of August 2017
    •Product details

    Pre-Order Benefits:
    Upgrade Complete
    Pre-purchase Unlocks: Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive.

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    Thu Jun 15 15:59:39 2017
    Motoko posted in [pce] - July mAT.

    Can play. lmk

  7. Fri Jun 2 05:37:40 2017
    Motoko posted in Hello friends.

    If you are eating a cheeseburger then you are really thinking about all your old USA fam.


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    Sat May 20 10:13:12 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    @JornF lol

    I won with 8 accounts.

    I'll be on later to collect my prize.

    Thanks bud!

  9. Tue May 16 10:38:10 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    @Strange Shisha it's meant to be an incentive, not abolish gw poverty.

    I run a government program in zQ to let Jorn wear a gold trim.

    I love helping the less fortunate :).

  10. Fri May 12 08:24:05 2017
    Motoko posted in Free ecto!.

    I'll sell you a permanent invite to zQ for all your ectos.

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