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    Thu Oct 5 20:27:59 2017
    Motoko posted in Looking for new ownership.

    Hey sexy bear jew. Nice to know you're alive and kicking.

    Hope life is doing well for you!

  2. Wed Oct 4 19:32:02 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    I am going to go ahead and ignore your past two posts @Sellous . They reek of ignorance and blatant bias against me. Any rational response to it would be irrational on my part and just make you look like more of an idiot than you already do.

    Moving on... Below is the support conversation. I did cut off everything after the last response as it is still ongoing in regards to compensation and there are some law enforcement discussions taking place.


    Below is what I encountered with my email. You can see they started off with sending emails in French due to whoever had modified the account info while it was in their possession. Once corrected it reverted to English.

    Next you will notice the main account admin screen. Bottom left is the ip of the person who stole the account.

    Next is the account settings. You'd think the fact the person gave Anet my name and date of birth then immediately switched that info on the account and starting logging on from a completely different continent would have been a red flag.

    And of course, the account itself. Every character deleted. Everything wiped except 8 platinum and a few materials. Some names were left for me to re-take. The main ones were taken.

    The reason/way my account was taken and I never received notification about it is the same reason and way that Gaile Gray's account was taken. Someone messaged Anet pretending to be me - Anet circumvented the authentication I had set up and changed my account information without even attempting to contact what was on file and gave the account to someone else. Looks like they haven't learned their security lesson yet.

  3. Fri Sep 29 20:22:28 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    @Sellous Snip

    You have fair points. I will try to address them equally.

    Rarely moderates any gold sales lately due to short market supply and stubborn scamming germans... it's also true to note most people won't accept motoko as a mod for some reason.

    These go hand in hand. 1) I do not know the market supply as I do not play actively. 2) I have been requested to moderate - People have gotten through to me via people who still play GW and have me on FB or Cell#. People have also reached me via PM on this forum. 3) When you have a lot of scammers who play constantly, that is an active player base actively refusing to use me as a mod (For obvious scamming reasons). They have a bigger presence merely due to playing and attempting more scams than can be countered. However, up until this point, no one has been able to provide proof of a scam.

    For him to prove his innocence he needs to post up logs of conversations with support and also allow a third party to access his account to see what the hacker did with it.
    No problems doing this. I do not mind providing @Godly access once I have regained it. And it should not be a problem given the extensive verification (Also physical proof of the codes still in my position) that are indisputable.

    For me it's all too suspect that he retained zQ, his characters still exist (why wouldn't the hacker delete?), and it's already been several days since this incident took place.
    zQ was held on an account that is not related to any email and only exists as an ncsoft account I never converted. My characters exist, I would assume, for the hacker to try and pull as many scams as possible.

    *Any reference towards IRL $$$*
    I've had more money than I know what to do with. I could have sold my tonic for 1500A. I've had plenty of guilds and items valued higher than 500A in my possession. But I am personally not in any financial peril. Stupid for not cashing out on pixels? Many might say that. I maintained the integrity of the community trade mod position the entire duration it was in my possession. The fact I would not falter for any sum of money, (It hasn't been made as public that I moderated in game item/real life $$ trades as well) should give you an idea how I maintained it without a blemish for so long.

    My support ticket was started on 9/19/2017.

  4. Fri Sep 29 17:13:35 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    I'm flattered you think I'm the biggest syncer in this game, with the amount of effort I barely put in.
    Possibly the most successful title farming wise, I can agree with that.
    Truth be told though, I only used multiple accounts myself during the HA syncing. Everything else was paid by either ectos or by lending accounts to someone so they could farm stuff and keep the gains.

    Knowing who to talk to and how to talk to people is everything. Real life 101.

  5. Wed Sep 27 22:04:38 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    Considering zQ was held on an account not associated with any email and my main has been in Danny's guild for months... the guild zQ has zero relation to this ordeal.

    I will post email proof once Anet gets off its fat ass and does something about this. This proof will be provided for peace of mind for people who care.

  6. Wed Sep 27 20:31:12 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    What is also interesting is:
    All 4 of my alts - When I try and access them - They send me either a text message or an email advising account was accessed.
    But my main account never did that. My account with everything valuable had no security warning. I find that very suspect.

  7. Wed Sep 27 20:23:36 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    The names you have mentioned above as

    Motoko Chroma X
    Motoko Illuminati X
    Motobot Terrorize X
    Warangel Marley
    V I P A R I T A

    Was that account used in a scam? I don't know how to understand the list of names you provided. I am also curious how someone would know the Warangel Marley/V I P A R I T A names exist because Marley borrowed that account literally for a week and never touched it again.

  8. Wed Sep 27 19:40:55 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    Here is a thread with all of my stuff on it:

    I have not had a response from Anet since contacting them.

    It also looks my old main account I had years ago was taken. (The one with Marleys name on it, I let him borrow it)

    Accounts that would have my name attached (That I can think of):
    Motoko Kai (Stolen/Hacked/Email Changed)
    Motoko Kai X (If this was hacked - I regained access to it now)
    Wm Motoko (I do have access to this one)
    Motoko Z Q (I do have access to this one)
    Zero Quality Motoko (I do have access to this one)

    I would bet good money either someone has connections within Anet to get access to these accounts - Or Anet has had a breach of data.

    I do have access to my zQ account and ownership of zQ. That screen is from back when I was in zQ whenever from a long time ago. Here is proof of zQ currently:

  9. Mon Sep 25 21:06:11 2017
    Motoko posted in Motoko's Account .

    Yeah. Sorry kiddos. Did not receive any notifications in my email that anything was modified with my account.

    Even checking my email security history there is no record in the past 30 days of any abnormal access to it (and there is no way to delete that history).

    Which means either:
    Someone had acquired access to my email before 30 days and held out on doing anything with it so I wouldn't check the history...
    Or someone has some tools with Anet to bypass all of that information and toy with the account directly.

    Apologies in advance for anyone who has fallen victim to any scams recently. If Anet squares everything away - great. If not, oh well. I don't play anymore. Consider this my official retirement message from GW Modding. It only serves to do more harm than good at this point.

  10. 4 months ago
    Tue Jul 18 12:23:34 2017
    Motoko posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    @Sellous Ladders resets + allowing rating loss for not showing would help although I think you should take away the primary incentive to even sync ladder to begin with. If you can only gain champion points in automated tournaments and increase the minimum amount of players needed to engage in automated tournaments syncing becomes far harder. Realistically a team without at least 4 players + 4 henchies or 4 heroes does not belong in an at since they have absolutely no shot at winning. It's a format that makes your team eligible for the monthly automated tournament like wise you should have a full team if even it's with henchies/heroes not 6/8 team.

    The theory is true. Ladder matches should not give points. In fact, ladder at this point should be the new scrim. Still on obs mode to watch, but no benefit other than to practice.

    Keep in mind ATs and mATs would suffer consequences that would need additional modification - People will still sell champ points. Those syncers would then enter in the ATs to flood them with accounts to the point they could create that second AT set during the same AT just to flood it with teams to pair against. They would accept the loss against the real guilds and just farm each other. So you would have to create some sort of mechanism to control that.

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