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    Wed May 4 16:39:09 2016
    N NateC posted in Possible tourney this Saturday.

    Teach me senpai

  2. Mon Mar 7 18:04:50 2016
    N NateC posted in [avg].

    The reason i chose to give out this screenshot is because i am tired of getting pms about it. Last month i logged on to play HA week with some friends and i had people pming me about avg, even last night i got on to do some RA and i instantly get pmed "so did nick play for avg?". Guys i gave out the core already multiple times.... It happened 2 years ago people and yes it was desperate and stupid and we got our trim removed for it. I am not saying i didnt have fun cause i loved playing with nick hes one of the best tactic callers and split eles ive played with but it got to the point of where i didnt even wanna log into gw anymore.
    Sorry for the crappy grammar abd puncuation im typing on a phone

  3. Wed Jan 20 12:42:50 2016
    N NateC posted in blade and soul.

    @jack Asian gw2, fk dat

    Its nothing like gw2 lmfao

  4. 2 years ago
    Sat Nov 28 08:58:47 2015

    Ill try to make it to a few AT's who all do you got that i would know so far?

  5. Tue Nov 3 08:13:16 2015
    N NateC posted in GvG scrims.

    I can acutally makje it to this one! Count me in Godly. - Casters Cry

  6. Sun Oct 25 09:20:23 2015

    I had a lot of fun playing with you guys last week. If i can attend again today afterwork (3 hours) I would love to come!

  7. Sun Oct 18 09:01:10 2015

    @Godly is your ign still verynice? Who do i pm?

  8. Sun Oct 18 07:17:34 2015

    Sounds fun. Do you take people if they show up late? Been wanting to gvg for some fun but i dont get off work till 3;30 eastern

  9. Sun Oct 11 09:20:55 2015

    Keep it alive guys! GVG in gw1 is the best pvp of any game i have played (skill wise) rip college, work :( no timw for ATs

  10. Sat Oct 3 07:38:52 2015
    N NateC joined the forum.