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  2. Thu Mar 30 10:03:33 2017
    J JoAlmighty posted in Build Thread.

    @Ra ; I think I'd play weapon of shadow if I would run a Xinrae's rit. Shadow weapon is pretty cool in 8v8, because even if you weapon a target and the melee switches to another target, you can still blind them. However when they have a ranger it could be a bit difficult to get life of when you don't have life, but usually you're fucked anyways as rit vs ranger.

    Using it when you are running a flag would just be meh, because you can't wand. You won't be able to have that 50% block to dodge cripple from the ranger or bulls. But barely anyone runs on their flagger now a days anyways...

    I'd play with xinrae's because it gives some extra pressure and it's a good prot. You'd basically have 2 "offensive" weapons and maybe the biggest plus point is that you could use it on frontline, which you won't be able to do with warding.

    Xinrae's is really strong in skirmish. I think running on flagger is still good/viable in spike type builds.

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    Tue Feb 14 07:55:00 2017
    J JoAlmighty posted in How to perform optimally as monk?.

    @Rainy You can have the worst micro in the world, but if you play conservatively and are on the right spot on the map, teammates will completely overlook (or, in many cases, fail to notice) poor execution, provided you are winning and/or meeting guild expectations of winning.

    I agree with this, some of the worst micro players in the game have won multiple gold capes. At the same time some of the worst macro players in the world have won multiple gold capes. There are many ways to play the game, and I think the most important thing to being successful is to find a team who all enjoy and excel at playing the game a certain way.

  4. Tue Jan 24 23:22:32 2017
    J JoAlmighty posted in How to "Balanced".

    Nice guide. Read the whole thing, which means it wasn't too boring :D.

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    Tue Dec 27 21:29:33 2016
    J JoAlmighty posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    everyone sucks and gigantic hypocrites, what else is new

    On Topic:

    I think monk and rit are both situational. Monk is generally favored nowadays because it is less dependent on team coordination, which is often developed through a lot of practice.

    Also, it seems like dedicated split builds (eles, zurrie dervs, split mesmers) have fallen out of favor, which might make rits better?!?

  6. Tue Dec 27 09:08:54 2016
    J JoAlmighty started the conversation Jo Needs a Guild.

    Logged on everyone left so I need somewhere with people in it.

    I'll probably not play very much, will probably be able to fill in for MAT if your guild needs something.

    I suck at everything except ele (you've been warned), but I'll play anything except monk.

    Thanks for looking,

    IGN: Il Ironhide Il

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    Wed Nov 30 14:15:00 2016

    @Rainy It's true that Eles weren't very technical - and you lost all the nuances that have come with skirmish play - but I'd argue Eles were very unforgiving to play and, in that sense, skill did matter.

    The backdrop of low damage midlines and no +armor insignias is that warriors did an enormous share of their team's damage. As such, defensive skills, whether those be wards, bsurge, bflash, etc., became far more important to use efficiently. The best eles counted adrenaline and were really, really important in preventing deaths.

    For these same reasons, shutdown was geared towards shutting down midline defense, rather than monk stomping. Good eles had to deal with a lot of ranger/mesmer pressure, while also having inferior e-management than they have now. Positioning, efficient skill usage and e-management, and cancel casting had far higher stakes for the team. As Nick said earlier, Pleak on some ele builds was really devastating. Again, a very unforgiving build to play, which is why there was so much variance between the people who played it well and those who got bsurge diverted in the first 30 seconds of a game.

    Of course skill matters (as with any role), you just had a less options. It had more to do with who the playmakers were.

    We can argue in circles about this because it really comes down to a different playstyle. Is the player who can do more when given more resources (current eles) more skillful, or the player that can play the bar the best with limited amount of resources (previous eles/eles with the banned list) more skillful. Apples and oranges, obviously I enjoy playing the carry role more than the support role. At high level competition I would agree that both roles are equally important, but for pug games and lower level competition playing the carry role is more important IMO.

  8. Wed Nov 30 13:48:12 2016

    @Ra ; You are simplifying the job of ele's way too much. Playing ele on a good level takes skill and Belzor knows that very well... Elementalists still have their role with these bans and are also still good in splitting. Shatterstone split ele's are an example which do strong spike damage and are strong against rangers.

    And as we have said before we are gonna change some bans.

    I actually thought the same (I actually ran a shatterstone split ele in one of the games), but in practice I felt pretty useless. Maybe our comp was just horrible (or maybe I'm just bad), but I'd be thrilled to see someone win this thing running a shatterstone ele.

  9. Wed Nov 30 13:17:10 2016

    @Rainy Back in their rightful place before power creep ruined the game ^^.

    There is a reason why eles were considered a bitch role back in the day, mainly because there is little ability to outplay on it. Literally your only role is to press 1 on spike and blind/blurred something.

    Obviously not as fun for ele players, but more fun for warriors/rangers. Paras have replaced eles as dps spammers with the current bans.

  10. Wed Nov 30 13:04:00 2016

    @Belzor Hey Nick,

    1. Aura of restoration - I really don't want this skill back, both as a cover ench and how it works on split. I want physicals to have a bigger role in splits as it used to be and if you want a caster to split with all the benefits it entails over a physical char you must build for it and probaby suffer a bit in 8v8. I think Mind shock, Mind blast or even Shatterstone are still viable on split, just they can't auto win against a ranger or push against split defenders alone but with support they can definitly do stuff or if left alone.

    2. Glyph of renewal - I can definitly see banning this as it is only ever used on a dom mes and very strong in certain builds, especially if not shutdown. Even E-surge and Pblock are borderline strong but will probably leave them in at first. Shatter ench should be 15 energy again but can't really see mesmers without it. Power leak is also a strong skill but kind of necessary sometimes so hexes do not get out of control, it can still be faked and 20 sec cooldown.

    3. Paragons - I don't think Paragons are too overpowered either except perhaps the passive defensive shouts. We will probably go ahead and ban Vicious and Spear of lightning though together with a few other physical attack skills. Both to allow for variety and to tone the damage down a bit.

    Side note: Going to try to get a first draft out today or tomorrow in a new thread and try to scrim some soon to see how it plays out. If it seems fine we will probably lock this in until the next tournament so people can choose to play with these rules anytime they want. It's nice if a lot of people could gather around the same idea as an alternative to normal GvG.

    Eles are extremely bad on split with the current rules. The energy on every single air ele (outside of gust) is horrible (I tried very hard to make this work). They may be viable 8v8, but I think paragons are just superior for midline dmg, as the energy on eles is extremely bad (1 pleak and your basically fucked). Fire ele is still somewhat viable, but just gets wrecked by any ranger 1v1. Even with aura, a mind blast ele should not be able to 1v1 a ranger with troll.

    Traditional eles are just extremely bad with the current bans, as rangers/crip anguish are superior in skirmish and paras/mesmers are superior in 8v8.

    I think there are a lot of ideas that could work that has not been tried, so could be interesting to see.

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