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    Sun Dec 11 20:09:10 2016

    @Rainy it's hardly surprising people came up with the proletariat-bourgeoisie dichotomy

    do u have concrete suggestions or do you just come to shit on even the simplest things

    and really saying vods/commentaries are of no value? :(

  2. Sun Dec 11 18:35:50 2016

    @Nick yea but this time its actually dead

    @everyone else... Is getting new players into gvg guilds that aren't you "top 4" considered a failure?

  3. Sat Dec 10 22:43:46 2016

    @Strange Shisha
    Maybe for something like flag tactics or positioning radar drawings with voiceover could work, other things like calling might be better with actual video demonstration. Regardless, some of us just need to go ahead and do something. Nick and I talked about it ages ago but never got around to actually doing anything.

  4. Sat Dec 10 19:36:43 2016

    video guides will do a better job than intermediate players, and the teachers will avoid repeating basics ad nauseam. We have had written guides for a year now but I'm pretty sure zero learners have read them lol

  5. Thu Dec 8 18:18:14 2016
    B butters posted in Yours truly, the mexican..

    you guested with them like every AT during blacklist lmao

  6. Sun Nov 27 14:58:00 2016
    B butters posted in Qekz botting?.

    how do u do that cool screenshot effect where it look like u took a pic w/ ur phone

  7. Sat Nov 26 16:14:03 2016

    special shoutout to steve bannon for being the only volunteer to lose a game

  8. Sat Nov 26 15:57:06 2016

    what does 3rd place get

  9. Sat Nov 26 15:01:16 2016

    rt/a is literally the only thing you can run with americans

  10. Sat Nov 26 14:21:26 2016

    With half of our roster not showing up until minutes before call time, and our star player (Ali) not showing up at all, our team suffered from pre-tournament tilt. Under all this stress, Honk (team idiot) accidentally let a tiny insignificant banned skill onto his build. Ra had assigned us Steve Bannon (aka Hubet Hamsterhurter) to be our volunteer. He badgered us repeatedly for our builds and equipment so he could check whether we adhered to the rules or not. We gave him everything without any trouble. Though he had ample time to check, double check, and even triple check our builds, he "overlooked" our banned skill. The result was an automatic forfeit of the match.

    Had we been assigned a volunteer with an IQ over 60, we would have had our banned skill pointed out to us instantly, replaced it, and proceeded to feed Sync's team their own assholes.

    Furthermore, nowhere in the rules does it explicitly state the procedure for handling situations such as this. Certainly, Ra (mistakenly) expected competence from Honk and Steve Bannon and did not expect this to happen.

    Best of luck to the teams in finals who did not have their tournaments thwarted by the likes of Honk and Steve Bannon.

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