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  1. 6 days ago
    Sun Jun 18 05:46:04 2017
    R Ra posted in 2017 June mAT.

    @JornF Soon there wont be any guilds in mAT

    I thought there weren't any guilds playing already. Had all bye's until the finals :S

  2. last week
    Sat Jun 17 12:40:45 2017
    R Ra posted in 2017 June mAT.

    Congrats Rudi on your c2!

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sun May 21 06:57:45 2017

    Didn't Rainy play fuse?

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Sat May 20 13:36:10 2017
    R Ra posted in Free ecto!.

    Brock deserves it :)

  5. Fri May 19 09:18:26 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Shatter hex: remove mindwracks and do 126 aoe dmg.

  6. Wed May 17 06:37:25 2017
    R Ra posted in Free ecto!.


  7. 6 weeks ago
    Thu May 11 07:26:28 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    @sync That's not even true, we have played more than usual also. I don't think many of Vk's builds have been that good tbh, like their stubborness to run water ele in spike build etc.

    I agree some split could work but it means you need main team that can survive if they just ignore the split and try to roll over you with all this raw dmg that's been around lately.

    I guess, but I haven't watched everything around. But you guys do play similar builds, right?

  8. Thu May 11 02:08:28 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    I've also seen very little diversity in builds this month, while many different builds are playable. I guess because only Vk is playing actively of the top guilds. And most other teams just follow around, because they think Vk got the best build, because they're winning games.

    Since I probably won't play much I will just throw in a few builds in here for inspiration.

    Last year we played deb shot rangers [Flux] with dual eburn and mindwracks which was pretty fun:

    Because of the no-elite bonus of +2 to every attribute most ele's will get free +armor if they take the correct insignia's, which gave me the idea to make an earth ele build with glyph of swiftness.
    [1 – E/D Unnamed paw·ned² character;OgpAMe1VRrIWQfpFpCpP]
    You could drop the snares for other skills, but I like these snares for the maps in the rotation. I'd like to see a combination of this ele with a forceful hammer warrior, however most prots probably won't enjoy it ;)

    You could also play a poison ranger (I know it sounds stupid with the +2 regen). You could play it like the frenchies do and don't use it on mainteam, but use it to split. The current meta looks weak vs a split and they will probably have to send a monk back versus a buffed ranger with self-heal.
    [3 – R/Mo Unnamed paw·ned² character;OgMAM/afjq5xMbu15VED]

    Finally I've made a Scythe warrior, just because they do big damage. And using a scythe with frenzy and bulls strike looks pretty cool. Have to watch out for the mindwrack mesmers though!
    [2 – W/D Unnamed paw·ned² character;OQoAQZbVicfMFlbaF/ECA]

  9. Thu May 11 01:48:39 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    I've only played once this month and only saw 1 stream yesterday. I was wondering what the monk meta is in this flux.

    I've seen a rof flagger and was wondering what it's build is. I don't really see the use in rof on a flagger bar. I'd guess you could drop either Heal Burst or Patient for it and I don't see the benefits for either. First because a flagger should stay in the back and shouldn't get rupted on his elite by pleak. Heal burst heals for 150 hp and additional party healing which is a nice thing to have, while rof can heal/prevent a maximum of 152 damage when used in its full potential (depending how many prot prayers you're using).
    Then you could also use it to replace patient spirit. It could be good, because you won't overwrite the patient spirit from your heal monk. However, the heal from rof is alot less reliable and in a meta with so many physicals there is a big chance you won't get the optimal heal from rof.
    You could also take rof to drop your elite to spam more other skills. Rof vs heal burst has its advantage that it's a 1/4 cast and you could catch spikes with it. It would also allow you to spam more prot spirits and spirit bonds. However you should ask yourself what you want your flagger to do. Is he on mainteam to catch spikes, like your other 2 monks (doesn't seem very energy efficient) or do you want to use a flagger more as a savekeeper for soft targets and a guardian for your backline? That means more spams of SB and PS would be key. Too bad that in this flux the meta seems to be to have 2 dom mesmers with shatter, which means using the +1 e-regen to spam more SB and PS kind of useless.
    Imo key in this meta is in keepeing your allies clean. Help your backline with casting by removing the shames instantly and remove mind wracks around the team. The spikes in this meta aren't that good. You can catch them with Heal Burst, however about all the time it is shatter enchantment which forces the kills combined with mindwrack.

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 29 04:53:45 2017
    R Ra started the conversation HA 29th of April.

    Let's try to get some HA matches going tonight!
    I know there should be some HA teams forming and would be nice if the rest of the PvP players would join aswell.
    It's something different than the regular GvG scrims we've had the last 2 weeks. Different objectives, dynamics and more team-based.

    Because it's the anniversary there should also be some reward from a daily quest.
    If you play 3 matches or win 1, you get 3 free zkeys or other consumables: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Pilgrimage_to_the_Hall_of_Heroes
    Besides that there's also the daily Zquest, which you can keep collecting rewards which gives you 2 zkeys per 2 wins, if you trade your balth factions for zkeys.

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