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  1. 2 days ago
    Fri Mar 24 02:40:00 2017

    @LittleYoshi Dont wanna be mean, but did anyone on vD dc?

    You are very mean!
    I guess it is difficult to play vs 2 warriors with no prot. You don't have anything to stop the kd's. From the warriors linebacking your mesmers and kd'ing the monks on spikes. Also it is really tough catching sandwich spikes with the extra physical damage from the paragon. If we had a dervish it would've been easier because there are less kd's and you can double shatter spike him.

    Anyways, that AT was probably the luckiest AT I've played in a while.

    E: failed editing.

  2. last week
    Fri Mar 17 03:09:59 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Flawless loss :( The bodyblock was too strong...

  3. Fri Mar 17 01:20:47 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Wanted to say with the mat tomorrow that invoke is spike stronger than ever with this flux!
    (well maybe not that much buffed, but that doesn't matter =P)

  4. Thu Mar 16 09:03:41 2017
    R Ra posted in lf MAT.

    Eats monks alive!

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 10 02:31:30 2017

    Sounds cool!

  6. Thu Mar 9 14:07:37 2017

    I didn't find much love yet in here :(
    @Godly why am I not Anonymous Bob yet?

  7. Thu Mar 9 11:36:04 2017
    R Ra started the conversation GW Mini-Games Ideas Please.

    I decided to make a document with all kind of different mini-games you could play in your guild hall in scrimmages with your friends.
    Idea is to play some games to have some fun with friends and in the meantime learn and improve essential skills for Guild Wars.
    Most games will also require less than 16 people like real GvG's need, which should make it alot easier to play some games when you are bored and got some people online.

    I could use more ideas.
    I'd prefer if people pm'ed me in game or on discord.
    My IGN is: Ra The Last Ranger.
    Wouldn't know for discord, but you could probably find me on the QQ discord.

  8. Wed Mar 8 11:32:44 2017

    Anonymous Bob please

  9. Tue Mar 7 08:42:42 2017

    but wasn't it meant to prevent alt accounts? This admin doesn't make sense :S

  10. Tue Mar 7 08:20:12 2017

    I'd like to stay anonymous please

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