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  1. last week
    Sun Apr 16 02:19:51 2017

    Good luck Ace and Cal!

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 8 15:23:53 2017

    @K R S ;C H K R [Rudi] vs. [bG]

    That pic to hide your chat is not creepy at all.

  3. Fri Apr 7 10:30:58 2017
    R Ra posted in [Rudi] lf players.

    I am lf a new PvE guild. Mine doesn't want to do FoW when we got 8 people online :(

  4. Tue Apr 4 09:24:23 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    But I have to make the impression I might run a flag Karla...

    The energy is fine. It is actually easier than when you'd usually play Xinrae's with 2 spirits as rt/a.
    With Xinrae's and glyph you have more 5e skills to fake out a ranger and shadow sync perfectly with it.
    I didn't play the Rit well so I guess the blinds weren't very annoying for the frontline, but that I could get my party heals up reliably was already a bonus.

    In the end it still isn't worth it to play rit vs nec bala.

  5. Tue Apr 4 02:30:58 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    104 damage from scourge is pretty decent and still hurts through spirit bond.

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 3 01:36:16 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Instead of theorising I decided to test this in a scrim yesterday.

    I played Xinrae's with resilient, shadow, glyph and windbourne speed.
    I thought the build did work alright considering I'm super rusty on backline and specially on ritualist. We played against a necro balanced with a ranger pushing for me alot and imo thanks to xinrae's and weapon of shadow I did not shut down as often I would have with warding. Still did a few times ofcourse, but that's your life of a rit :)

    Wanding the ranger / frontline when you have weapon of shadow is great to get life spirit up or glyph. It was also great to push flags through. I did try once to resilient the flagger, weapon of shadow myself and blind the guy trying to snare our flag, which worked alright.

    In the end it's suicide in general to play a rit vs nec bala and imo weapon of shadow would work much better vs pain train builds or physical builds with paragons or something. Still wasn't too bad.

  7. Fri Mar 31 10:58:36 2017
    R Ra posted in 4v4 Play.

    @Strange Shisha setting a schedule. daily 1h before the at. if you're up to play message us in discord or pm Strange Shisha ingame.

    Why don't you host them 2 hours before the AT when it's late AT's like today or monday?

  8. Fri Mar 31 10:52:19 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Can we get back to topic instead of trash talking plays and targetting people with insults.
    That video was just a funny made a few years ago :)

    The other mesmer was AoD I'd expect.

  9. Thu Mar 30 14:17:28 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    Weapon of shadow would've been very good against that :)

  10. Thu Mar 30 09:30:44 2017
    R Ra posted in Build Thread.

    I think I'd play weapon of shadow if I would run a Xinrae's rit. Shadow weapon is pretty cool in 8v8, because even if you weapon a target and the melee switches to another target, you can still blind them. However when they have a ranger it could be a bit difficult to get life of when you don't have warding*, but usually you're fucked anyways as rit vs ranger.

    Using it when you are running a flag would just be meh, because you can't wand. You won't be able to have that 50% block to dodge cripple from the ranger or bulls. But barely anyone runs on their flagger now a days anyways...

    I'd play with xinrae's because it gives some extra pressure and it's a good prot. You'd basically have 2 "offensive" weapons and maybe the biggest plus point is that you could use it on frontline, which you won't be able to do with warding.

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