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    Sun Apr 2 06:32:18 2017
    Godly changed Robert's group to Member.
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    Wed Feb 22 13:12:47 2017
    Robert posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Gagging LMAOOOOO A N T Philip you are a fraud.

    All the bots you used to play with.. I'm dead

  3. Thu Feb 2 16:53:06 2017
    Robert posted in Where is lynie ?.


  4. Thu Feb 2 16:52:27 2017
    Robert posted in Buying Ectos/Keys/Arms for $.

    Just got $140.00 worth of Ecto sold to Ivan. Very trustworthy!

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    Sat Dec 31 15:03:23 2016
    Robert started the conversation Happy New Year.


    I hope each of you have a wonderful New Year, surrounded by those you love. It has been a great year, I think, for guild wars. A large impact of the teaching scrims has led to great improvement in the PvP community. This ranges from player development to new and closer friendships.

    Hopefully 2017 is a year of health and happiness for all of you.

    Robert out

  6. Sat Dec 31 14:58:58 2016
    Robert posted in Come and tilt with me.


  7. Sat Dec 31 14:57:48 2016
    Robert posted in WoT lf people.

    @Lam3rz @Maverick Give Zynkh another chance. He even apologized for his botting behaivior. It doesn't matter nowadays whether you have botters in your team or not. Just play the game, have fun and keep the game alive.

    Lmaoooooooo your posts about Zynkh 3 weeks ago

  8. 4 months ago
    Sun Dec 11 13:30:03 2016

    r u obsessed with zynkh tbh + fail thread

  9. Sun Dec 11 13:25:18 2016
    Robert posted in Yours truly, the mexican..

    @Lam3rz What are you trying to show us? That you don't bot or that you don't play in THAI / SHOP?
    You do it both. Keep your delusions and lies to yourself.
    The evidence that you bot and play in botting guilds have been provided before on this forum.

    Zynkh even apologized for botting when he couldn't hide it from the community any longer, but it did't help it. He got busted again by @Sync even after his "apology".

    Maybe it is a time for Apology nr 3?


  10. Sat Dec 10 19:12:15 2016

    @Nick Stop trolling lol. I was asking who the people were in ally chat who were non stop throwing flames and personal attacks at OvO for like 30 mins after Shisha mentioned they are a learner guild. They even got kicked from the ally (which is near impossible if you're an active guild) because they wouldnt stop being so mad and annoying. Even Fedex, as the leader of Time, was trying to get his guildies to stop. Then after they get kicked one of the mad guys posting in ally chat for the last 30 mins keeps pming me to tell me how shit i am until i put him on ignore because i was trying to llay AT.

    The point is, some people have big egos which may stop them from accepting that they're a learner or assistant teacher or w/e and I'm asking how this can be avoided. Thanks for wasting time trolling though

    Relax, they were kicked for 1 day. Telling you the answer to your question is within how you act towards other is not trolling. While your temperment can be much of an easy troll, don't ask how these situations can be avoided when you in fact were the other 50% in that instance.

    Terrible example Nick, but as I said, I agree with the ego's some of the intermediates may have. Don't use situations where you where certainly trolling "learners" as an example for "their mishap".

    Control the alts by the way buddy. I don't need you coming at me sideways like you have been lmao it's awkward as fuck.

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