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    Ali casually Yomi'ing the shit out of everyone. gz on gold

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    I think there is a shieldset / prot setup guide somewhere, made by holye. Did some texting there. And i don't mind going into detail, but rather on ts in a more dialogish way.

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    provide more intel

    @SISTRENS partially to different playstyles in relation to the opponent team's bars.

    I'm not going to go through every single bar variety in enemy team comps, takes too much effort.

  5. Mon Feb 13 07:53:22 2017

    Since nobody did provide an answer, i will tell you why.
    You cant just give a precise answer to a question asked this unprecise. Monking is decisisonmaking 24/7.
    General stuff like " don't overheal" and "watch your positioning" are general game knowledge and to be applied everywhere. Optimal monking is always a matter of your current game state, playstyle and experience. So rather ask more specific "what if" Question and provide more intel on certain situations.

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    So here is my Interface. I've been playing this on monk for almost 6 years now. The Controlls are really thought through, since it allows for alot of good hand movements for common spells / targets. eg. using a veil on your frontliner. That would be either a or s ( 4th finger left hand) and the button 4, which you can press using the 2nd finger on your left hand - seems really intuitive. Other somewhat common casts are Stabaura on either Healer or Runner. Stab aura on 1 means your hand is slightly turned, so it is easy to press Buttons Like D (Healer) or R (Runner). Since midline chars are usually the most common targets to die, you can easily swap between all three using Q, W & E. The fastest input you can possibly make is using the sparebar. That is where my SB or Aegis is usualy placed - qwe-Spam, Stopping on the right target and sparebar is really easy to prot the right targets. Mouse is for movement only. Its Buttons are the most used skills (RC and Guardian) or Stances ( on War, so you can easily frenzy while doing other shit with your left hand). My Upkeep is next to Partymember 1, so its relativly easy to click on, while it is not annoying me in the center of the screen. Inventory usualy closed, opened when full tryhard. Farmcest equipped under my 2hand prot staff for easy deaths pre time. Cancel is ^ since it is more natural to use a button that is next to my skills, rather then any other row such as Esc. Have any questions? Ask them. PZ

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    I too like running on runner and have a well balanced set of utility on midline and have your team work accordingly to handle the situation, but It's the risk reward that doesn't work in your favor. Lightning Surge and Wasterls bring so much damage on 2 Chars, that it's really hard to compensate for it on midline Chars. Both bars bring Hexes so running certain skills won't even do much. It might be a boring way to play (i for myself don't like it) but is the most efficient and safest play you can do.

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    Zurrie's defence is basically saying: "No, you suck" "No, you played with bots" or "No, i'm the best fucking player around. You cannot comprehend my ability to win 26 golds but still not have a cape what so ever."

    This thread is by far the most entertaining on this forum.

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    Here's a link to the commentary done my Killing, Wachtel and me on the latest teaching scrims. Enjoy

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