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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 9 12:33:33 2017

    @Godly think you should delete Ariana's pic before we're all sent to Guantanamo for viewing CP.

  2. Sun Mar 5 11:35:55 2017

    @SISTRENS This could be useful, but as a side project with learners only, imo. I am afraid teachers would rather not show up for teaching scrims, if they have to waste their time waiting for learners to figure out animations. Maybe run something before scrims?

    Okay great! I'll be on right now till start of scrims in an hour. Please pm me at "Holye Prayers" if you'd like to do some animation work.

    I will see you all at teaching scrims after!

  3. Sat Mar 4 13:56:31 2017
    holye posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    You're right Bogden.

    He's actually cancelling against Lemm's SoR, not the guardian.

  4. Fri Mar 3 07:12:02 2017

    That's really useful content! Maybe you should make a guide thread and post it there as well with timestamps of the skills used.

  5. Thu Mar 2 21:41:41 2017
    holye posted in Team Quitter Discord.

    @Honk I thought you were trying to get people to use the discord?


  6. Thu Mar 2 21:28:56 2017
    holye posted in Team Quitter Discord.

    After using Discord for some time now, I'd like to highly recommend using this application (esp the mobile app). It has the feeling of the old IRC (for those familiar) with enhanced functionality; it feels like a living QQ thread. Once again, I would highly recommend using the app and joining the group.

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 2 21:25:03 2017

    @SISTRENS Please check out this thread

    Thanks for taking over the organization of teaching scrims Sistrens! Great to see another organizer join the ranks!

    I'd like to request if I can lead an optional mini-workshop during the 03/05 teaching scrims covering animations.

    Recognizing animations is a great skill to improve awareness and is a must for playing any role at an advanced level.

    The session would broadly cover the following topics:

    • Condition animations
    • Common Offensive animations
    • Common Defensive animations
    • Resurrection animations

    I will also try to stream/record the session.

    Please let me know if the above is possible.

    *P.S: Anyone looking to learn about animations before Sunday's teaching scrims can pm me in-game at "Holye Prayers" and we can spend some time learning.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 21 10:23:29 2017
    holye posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Ali You just proved my point. If you knew anything about this game then you can answer those questions yourself.

    Let's not joke here you would be EDGE standard without your ruptbots and protbots.

    You're so proud to beat people with all of this extra help from your programmes aren't you.

    Get good.

    Daily reminder that EDGE beat HDHR in playoffs with SW spike ele.

  9. Fri Feb 17 16:06:30 2017

    Just to keep this going, the TLDR is that Nick is an insecure non-confrontational autist.

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