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    lf flagger (play monk and rit)

    -Holy Elran

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    Might have an interesting guild offer for u pm me or Fate ingame

  5. Tue Mar 8 13:38:06 2016
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    @sync Isn't that exactly what we are doing? There's atm 3 guilds listed that have agreed with this blacklist and will use it.

    I would advise players to have their own individual (personal, customised ?!) 'blacklist' rather than adhering to a general blacklist drawn up by other players.

    What you are doing is making a blacklist for multiple people/guilds (not an individual blacklist).

    In my opinion, just deciding for yourself who to play with and who not to play with is a better idea, since I'm afraid some (ex) cheaters may be exluded from your general blacklist.

    I'm just saying that each and everyone has his personal preferences when it comes to playing with ppl and forgiving botters, so having a blacklist drawn up on the basis of other people's preferences doesn't make any sense to me.

    Let me give you an example.

    "The point of that blacklist is to get them stop cheating, not permanently ban them from community."

    Well, according to my personal preferences, I would permanantly stop playing with cheaters, because they have cheated, no matter how long ago it was. Fuck them :)

    I hope it's clear now

    cba to comment anymore, just wanted to put my opinion out there

  6. Tue Mar 8 11:59:52 2016
    Elran posted in [avg].

    Once a cheater, always a cheater

    I don't understand why people ever played with those avg heroes again, even tho they pretend to be 'clean' now.
    Let alone they should ever comment to threads about bots. lol

    And I don't think the blacklist is a good idea, since you all play with some former/current cheaters anyway.
    Have your own individual blacklist, avoid playing with those cheaters / ex cheaters, and winning games/tournaments will become more rewarding and fun when you beat those noobs together with some proper players

    Just my opinion

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    Elran posted in new to pvp willing to learn.

    Best of luck mate, make sure to check out the GvG for beginners - Teaching project on this forum

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