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  1. 6 months ago
    Sat May 20 13:35:24 2017
    M Maco posted in Free ecto!.

    Welp, gratz whoever you are! lol

  2. Sat May 20 13:17:17 2017
    M Maco posted in Free ecto!.

    Jorn has the prot BDS. Just through a vote here or to him on who deserves it that you vsed i guess since broken obs.

  3. Sat May 20 09:45:12 2017
    M Maco posted in Free ecto!.

    @K R S ;C H K R Unbiased people who have to be playing the matches (or watch streams and wait for recordings) in order to even see people prot. Remember that there's no way to observe the matches ingame.

    Is obs broken again? I haven't been on in ages..

  4. Fri May 19 20:30:08 2017
    M Maco posted in Free ecto!.

    I'll also give a q10 prot BDS to the best prot of the mAT. Whether that be the winning teams prot or not, i will have a few unbiased people decide who deserves it most i guess, lol.

  5. Tue May 16 20:07:52 2017
    Godly changed Maco's group to Member.
  6. last year
    Sat Jul 30 18:53:03 2016

    It's so depressing to watch someone close to you suffering with Alzheimer's. Sorry you're having to go through such a loss man...

  7. Tue Jun 14 07:51:07 2016
    M Maco posted in Overwatch.

    Pretty awesome game. Skip to around 18 mins for the start

  8. Thu May 26 03:09:54 2016
    M Maco posted in Overwatch.

    Actually an awesome game! Sort of like Team Fortress combined with Smite. If anyone wants to play feel free to add me. battle.net: Maco#1467

  9. Thu May 19 09:29:41 2016
    M Maco started the conversation Overwatch.

    Anyone getting it? Didn't have a chance to try out beta but it looks pretty good.

  10. Tue Apr 19 10:44:41 2016
    M Maco posted in looking for guild/mat.

    Good luck bud.

    Strong frontline ele here

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