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    Sun Dec 11 20:07:21 2016

    @Lao mean, if you are "Sam Chatouille" im not really surprized.

    Nope, not me. Played a couple days ago. That one mesmer nerd raged at Tower Flag Stand for sucking until he left. Played months ago, similar circumstances happened. And considering other people have similar thoughts besides me, I doubt it's just in my head.

  2. Sun Dec 11 19:36:27 2016

    @Lao When u AFK in teaching scrims after not answering a single time the "teacher", what do u think ?


    @sam If scrims weren't more like this:

    @Rainy vanity project and a good way for the more insecure "top players" to lash out with their egos.

    then more able players might show up to play, assuming there is still a fix for this problem.

  3. Sun Dec 11 18:56:50 2016

    @Lao so Sam, why a GvG guild who pick up ppl like this ?

    If scrims weren't more like this:

    @Rainy vanity project and a good way for the more insecure "top players" to lash out with their egos.

    then more able players might show up to play, assuming there is still a fix for this problem.

  4. Sun Dec 11 18:46:23 2016

    @butters @everyone else... Is getting new players into gvg guilds that aren't you "top 4" considered a failure?

    More like into any gvg guild would be considered a success. Or at least one that consistently does mats.

    @Nick troll

    More like getting people who have been doing the exact same thing for 6+years to try something new is a hard thing to do, which can have negative effects on the game.

    @Rainy Functionally, teaching scrims have served as vanity project and a good way for the more insecure "top players" to lash out with their egos. .


  5. Sun Dec 11 18:12:55 2016

    @sync Yeah I would. Most of these older "core" players I usually play with are a pain in the ass to even get online for AT. So if I had a better player who is active and nice person there's no guestion about it, I would take him/her. Wouldn't be first time I "bench" someone I played with for years but their performance started to be lacking due to many reasons.

    Can't say about other guilds at all, most guilds that play nowadays have totally different view of the game etc.

    And What you are doing is the best for your guild and the game, as the game is the most healthy when there is a fair way of influx tof new players. In Dota 2, OG, a team that has won the most majors, just won a couple of days ago with a brand new player that has never competed before. There is a cycle of player reshuffles and new entry within the state of the game, which is one of the reasons why the game can be healthy enough to have 18 million dollar tournaments.

    And with the decline of Gw, guilds that have kept playing have mostly done it on their static core, which this scenario wasn't that big of a problem pre 2012, as the game had more of a normalized playerbase to overly compensate this behavior. But now in 2016 when those guilds are the only guilds that mostly remain, it hurts the health of the game.

  6. Sun Dec 11 17:50:23 2016


    We can go all day on what makes a player a good player. It's kinda of a moot point based on this discussion. My question is this: Would you honestly bench one of your cores for a "learner" you perceived to be actually better? And what % chance would you assign for other guilds to do the same?

  7. Sun Dec 11 17:32:58 2016

    @sync About 0,5%. Unless some new guy has really proven his worth and done tons of work to improve and prove himself.

    The problem is that if a "learner" is objectively better than a well known player, the well known player is extremely more likely to fill a slot in a mat than the "learner." Rainy's analogy of the OvO's flagger fits perfectly. When the few remaining noteworthy guilds close their doors to better "learners" and open it for their objectively worse buds, that's the death of a game, since it stops the natural progression of new player entry.

    So point being, these scrims are a fun time to feel nostalgic, but ultimately fail in its quest to bring new players to the market, as noteworthy guilds fail to utilize the results of these and instead stick to nepotism.

    edit: Now to bring a solution to this problem, instead of just critiquing, would be more of a draft style of format. Every guild has X amount of open spots, and these spots are filled via draft entry, with draft credentials for "learners" earned via participation/doing well in these scrims. This would require every guild participation, and probably not feasible due to the USD being associated with gold trim, but a system like this would be the best shot to facilitate sustainable new player growth for this dying game.

  8. Sun Dec 11 16:45:32 2016

    @TheNap I disagree that "core" rosters are set in stone, people start and stop playing the game all the time.

    I ask again, if a core member is not playing, what are the odds that a "learner" will fill the spot for the final match of an mat? Compared to that of people already in the inner circle? Or ex-core players that haven't played in 3 years but now logged on? Until "learners" don't have every chip stacked against them due to nepotism and ego, this game will continue to die further since no new players will enter, which has been the constant trend for 3++ years.

  9. Sun Dec 11 15:43:07 2016

    @Rainy You're a learner if you don't play in a good guild and you can't play in a good guild because you a learner.

    1000% agree. The guilds that are still playing in 2016, 3 years after a balance patch, are infected with nepotism. Honestly, any top guilds that are reading this, what are the odds that you'll bench a core player for a "learner" that is objectively better? This is a really fun idea, but any hopes that any learners will break through to the top 3 scene is impossible, especially since the scrims are more of an excuse for ego stroking and scapegoating, rather than analytical game play.

  10. Fri Dec 9 18:02:32 2016

    @TheNap Yeah, because attending "a few times" entitles you to draw general conclusions about this project ...

    I'm telling people what my experience was, which was exactly that.

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