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    Thu Feb 2 01:59:56 2017
    Floor posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @thewar 98% of ppl didnt knew about this , also u didnt loadet 7vs8 it was 8vs8 but flawlezz turnet bot on and game crashed ( happens after have bot disablet for time )

    QC / TBag was a guild full of botters ( flawlezz , baz maverick ) if u knew he bottet and didnt did anything about in that time then ur a bot supporter too , gj ! once u bot u cant stop it ( different examples here )

    w/e, I didn't actually play in the second QC because I knew baz was botting and Nono [the azorian legend] who didn't believe it/didnt care wouldn't kick him.

    TBag we actually didn't even realise we had a bot until halfway through the mat, as far as I'm aware it was the first and only time that Alex ran a cancel bot, so it took us a few matches to realise as we weren't expecting it.

    The jury is still out on whether flawless botted at all in recent years, although I understand people are suspicious since he was perma'd in the ban wave of 2009/2010 after using a bot around the time of Serious Gamers [srs] in 2009.

    @hi im alex Hi

  2. Wed Feb 1 10:11:00 2017
    Floor posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    people spout so much old news haha

    @Maverick admitted to botting the monthly we played in [Tbag] a couple of years ago (still a shitty name by the way alex!) Think Kamyck pointed it out mid-mat that it was happening, and when we asked him about it, he was pretty openly running a cancel bot. We basically told him to stop because nobody approved, he said he would, and from memory it didn't matter as the next game we loaded in 7v8 and lost anyway. Never heard about it again, but it was hardly a secret.

    @hi im alex is also actually a really chill guy if you talk to him, he doesnt deny hes botting now (although why I never understood because he really wasnt a bad player), and I think most of the stuff he's saying regarding knowing who is and isnt botting is likely true. It's like a criminal reporting a crime to the police, and the police ignoring it because the guy who reported it did some bad shit himself, doesnt make the new crime any less relevant. People are so retarded.

    @Martyn Hey bud, not ignoring you, sorry I didn't reply on facebook, the usual drama's going on irl as you know all about. I'm all good though, best to message me on here for what its worth :)

  3. 2 months ago
    Fri Jan 20 04:40:53 2017
    Floor posted in Community stance on botting.

    I didn't even flame you tequila, I was only joking about how shit I am/was :D I actually enjoyed playing with you! Didn't realise we even had a problem :(

    I apologise


  4. Fri Jan 20 02:50:48 2017
    Floor posted in Community stance on botting.

    @Tequila I did 1 final, 6 semi since 2010, what about you bro, the far you go in mat ?

    You carried me for quite a long time too, an even bigger achievement some would say!

  5. 3 months ago
    Mon Nov 28 02:11:23 2016

    very original trunkz! Everyone already knew that :) Miss you too <3

  6. Fri Nov 25 04:00:59 2016
    Floor started the conversation Need a game + friends to play with.

    Hey guys :)

    I'm looking for a game to play a couple times a week that I can just log on and play/find matches at whatever random time of day it happens to be. I've kinda been out of the gaming loop for 18 months and not really in touch much with many of my old online friends, so have no idea what's active and who plays what etc.

    I would have loved to come back and play some guild wars, but I can't commit to the AT times which is rather unfortunate but still :/

    I've been thinking to download LoL again, it's free and I presume it's still quite active, although I'll have to make a new account and start from scratch as it's almost certain my old account will be perma banned by now as I let a bunch of people use it who like to rage :(

    Any other suggestions welcome though?

    Also if anyone I know still plays some LoL, can you post your ign's? I'll try to add people when I get online and remember how to use the friends list haha

    Much love

    EDIT: Got my old LoL account back, fortunately other people could remember the login info as I'd long forgotten it :D

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    Tue Sep 20 06:17:22 2016
    Floor posted in Lewis LF MAT.


  8. 7 months ago
    Fri Jul 29 09:45:38 2016

    I had a suspicion I knew who this person was, and I was right.

    If you add "angel neylan" to your FL, and angel eska w/e, its the same person.

    Angel Neylan = Lisa = That french(I think french canadian) girl who was botting like fuck on Hareth's account and pretending to be loads of other known players.


  9. Fri Jul 29 00:10:51 2016
    Floor posted in List players gvg buys bot.

    another shit post. This forum continues to plumb new depths of terrible trolling over the last couple of years...

    Can anyone tell me what a voice bot even is?

  10. 8 months ago
    Mon Jul 18 06:52:11 2016

    Fun guy to play with, has played with bots recently but never did in the previous few years i knew him, so I believe he is sincere in his effots to play without any help from bots :)

    Message me on QQ alex when you plan to start AT's, i've got a few free days coming up in the next 1-2 weeks (only 3-4 probably so don't get your hopes up too much) will come play if possible!

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