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  1. 4 months ago
    Tue Apr 4 09:19:55 2017
    L LosDopos posted in Build Thread.

    @Ra ; Instead of theorising I decided to test this in a scrim yesterday.

    I played Xinrae's with resilient, shadow, glyph and windbourne speed.
    I thought the build did work alright considering I'm super rusty on backline and specially on ritualist. We played against a necro balanced with a ranger pushing for me alot and imo thanks to xinrae's and weapon of shadow I did not shut down as often I would have with warding. Still did a few times ofcourse, but that's your life of a rit :)

    Wanding the ranger / frontline when you have weapon of shadow is great to get life spirit up or glyph. It was also great to push flags through. I did try once to resilient the flagger, weapon of shadow myself and blind the guy trying to snare our flag, which worked alright.

    In the end it's suicide in general to play a rit vs nec bala and imo weapon of shadow would work much better vs pain train builds or physical builds with paragons or something. Still wasn't too bad.

    How is energy with that. I guess making extensive use of Xinraes isn't possible? Thats like spamming wielders - something a rit cant afford in 8v8 - possibly not even with SC.

  2. Sun Apr 2 06:24:54 2017
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  3. Wed Mar 29 11:47:08 2017
    L LosDopos posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    @Sellous No, I definitely agree with you they had to abuse mechanics in order to win games. And that largely has to do with a variety of reasons. Do I think their new team is going to be good? No, they aren't reforming Me or HAnD it is just a couple Me + HAnD players playing with their gw2 friends. Some of these players I noticed are using pve characters with inadequate equipment when I scrimmed them. And they run oddlot builds. If anything I don't believe they're trying to be serious. However if they were serious I don't see how they could ever come back given timezones and servers.

    1. Servers - > asians got shit on ping wise when Spnv, Me and HAnD were popular. EvIL and WM were already long gone due to drafted into mandatory basic training.
    2. Earthquake -> there was a period in japan where an earthquake also influenced people being able to connect. I forget how long this took to fix but it wasn't a quick fix.
    3. -> Timezones -> most japanese players did not have the opportunity to play when the competition was high. This is why Spnv, Me, and HAnD all consistently became scrim partners in order to maintain somewhat active matches and still become strong teams. But it also made it hard for them to observe top teams and learn their opponents. Which is why in some cases they did not try to switch their build and kept with their strengths. Hoping their opponents would not build wars them. ( although it was difficult to build wars ) though build wars is largely how dR destroyed Me. Me did not really ever face dR and kept with what they knew.

    Did they abuse stupid builds? Yes, but they still placed pretty consistent top 16 and even top 4 in 100k series. (spnv losing in finals, Me losing in finals, HAnD 2 x 100k... etc. And HAnD was more of the honorable type of guild. They ran a wide variety of builds; however, sineptitude was no stranger to them either. I think given the situations against them I understand why they did. Really too many variables to say how they would have done in todays meta had they been given a fair shot.

    Even if you're abusing mechanics if you're place high consistently when guild wars when in it's prime I'd say you're good regardless of that fact.

    I agree totally - and i don't have anything against "abusing" game mechanics. Honestly i think you can cut it down to using them to your advantage. I just wanted to say that i'm excited to see wether they'll put in the energy to adapt or give up beeing stuck in an old school mentality, which happened to many returning guilds.

  4. Wed Mar 29 10:31:35 2017
    L LosDopos posted in Build Thread.

    @Ra ; If because of some reason you would play a rit runner, would using weapon of shadow be better than weapon of warding?

    WoW is arguably the single best skill on a rit runner. Assuming you get to cast life in the first place, it will be taken down in a matter of seconds. With that given, Kaolai prob. doesn't provide more groupheal than a second healburst and shield guardian. Resilient is great, but it doesn't stop melees too much and any decent midline will switch target in an instant.

    I don't see any point to running rit runner without WoW over a monk runner. If anything you want to run Spirit Channeling and 3 weapons.

  5. Wed Mar 29 10:16:10 2017
    L LosDopos posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    @Sellous Yeah, they also have tak prot monk who used to play with HAnD. They have decent old school monks but rest of their team is not very xp from what I have seen.

    Besides that, the game has evolved dramitacly. These guilds were in their prime when VOD, sinsplit in particular, was still a thing (no offense). I'm curious if they are able to adapt to the current meta - cause the last time asians came back, that didn't turn out too well. Always cool to see old players returning though.

  6. 5 months ago
    Thu Mar 16 04:05:06 2017
    L LosDopos started the conversation Attack on YT-Acc.

    Short warning: Somebody managed to get hold of my YouTube-Password. Google blocked the Login-Attempt and showed that the attacker tried to log in from an IP located in Germany.

    As i only have GW-content on this Account, the attack might be related.

    Tldr; somone might be trying to fuck around with YT-Accs, keep an eye out

  7. Wed Mar 15 09:22:15 2017
    L LosDopos posted in 4v4 Play.

    @Lao We should agree about some team builds.
    Mirror builds can be a really good training

    Gothspike mirrors any1???

  8. Tue Mar 14 14:48:49 2017
    L LosDopos posted in 4v4 Play.

    @kasperov Some1 had very nice idea here. Put an character named "Team arena" in gtob. Do a script that sends you auto guest invite to guild hall when you inv him to party. In guest gh PPL can do scrims.

    It didn't work out due to the char name beeing already claimed by someone

  9. Fri Mar 10 01:47:29 2017
    L LosDopos posted in GW Mini-Games Ideas Please.

    Reversed Capture the flag:

    A team scores a point if it can run it's own flag to the opponents guild Lord. Playing fixed bars such as dodge ball mesmers could spice things up.

  10. Wed Feb 22 09:28:57 2017
    L LosDopos posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Hentai without tenticles is like a regular porn without a cumshot. What sane person would watch that shit?

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