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    Sun Apr 2 06:31:34 2017
    Godly changed RealZurrie's group to Member.
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    Mon Sep 19 23:40:59 2016

    @Motoko While I admit to random rants of hate towards a goldless player who represents the poster child of mental illness...

    So in other words you rant at yourself? Keep your self-hating to yourself then, thanks.

    @Motoko You can clearly see you beat an imposter. Motoko Kai =/= Motoko Kai X

    It was you. And here you are tonight syncing champ points:


    Pretty hilarious from a person who pretends to have credibility, and who tries to pretend "Euros play more" to defend your own bad build-making and play, when in fact you are constantly doing this shit.

    @Tower Flag ;Stand First loss I've had to True since Tim Gerber stole it from Nam. Grats to the only win (lol) you've had in months

    It's hardly the first loss you've had and it is hardly the only win I've had. I win constantly. Something that can't be said for you. How would I be able to "steal" a guild, btw? I was made Guild Leader because everyone decided Nam wasn't doing a good job and I would be best. [True] then won its first cape ever shortly after I became leader. Hmmm. Funny how that works.

    @TJ ; now you know how it feels having to deal with you zurrie

    No, it isn't. I do not randomly spew slurs at someone because of ignorant shit like their nationality, skin-color, gender, sexuality, or other such neanderthal trains of thought. My aggressive speech is centered entirely on the game and wanting everyone to play the best, with me being correct 99% of the time and people simply not wanting to correct their own mistakes.

  3. Mon Sep 19 00:35:09 2016

    @Stark GJ hiding the rest of the conversation

    There is none. It's just him spamming hate slurs from many accounts. That's what I screenshotted before observer mode ended and it sent me to log-in screen.

  4. Sun Sep 18 23:45:13 2016

    Also, more people should play A AT. I've seen newer players expressing interest.

  5. Sun Sep 18 23:44:37 2016
    RealZurrie started the conversation Motoko loses to a Panic Mesmer, goes on Hate Speech spree.

    Random HA Mesmer owns [zq]. We both entered an AT with henchmen, Motoko quickly loses, and then accuses a non-botting Panic Mesmer of botting because of the interrupts, when in fact the dude didn't use hardly any interrupt skills all match outside of Panic. Hilariously, Motoko's guildies try to split 2 Eles at the start of the match and also interrupt each other from Panic, since this Mesmer was waiting back in the base for second flag and put it on them. LOL.

    Motoko then proceeds to show his idiocy and ignorance with a stream of unsolicited hate speech:


    Another one here -

    Very sad guy. A decade ago it may have been common to talk like this, but time to grow up. We are post-gamergate, time to crawl out of your pathetic bro hole.

  6. Sun Sep 18 22:44:42 2016
    RealZurrie posted in 2016 September Monthly.

    @Motoko We played a great build choice that we had not played at all vs [np] and we played it perfectly against them.

    "Played it perfectly", LOL. You guys did nothing special whatsoever, [np] just ran a completely garbage build. Apparently they thought this was November flux (and even then the build wasn't correct).

  7. Sat Sep 17 22:30:12 2016
    RealZurrie posted in 2016 September Monthly.

    It looked like a very boring C AT.

    [Mean] you should have split your Paragon when he had flux. Epic fail.

  8. Sat Sep 17 22:12:18 2016

    @Lemstar i found a fuckin screenshot from like 2008 or some shit

    Wait, why the hell was there a Necro in the match? We always ran that build with a Mesmer at mainteam.

    Also, this thread is dumb.

  9. Sat Sep 10 20:57:01 2016
    RealZurrie posted in inb4 sep mAT drama.

    @Polar You are playing with obvious bots, and still losing.

    I am not losing, nor am I playing with obvious bots (aka - them saying they will bot and me taking them). Taking random people, many of them not even on TS, will of course result in THEM doing random things that I can not control. This is why the talk about one of those players using a prot bot is so fucking ridiculous. The movement and actual skill usage is wrong regardless of possibly using a bot. Henchman often use their skills "instantly", just look at the Ranger hench for example - they are essentially botting. Should people who take Henchmen be accused of playing with bots? Just shut up.

    @Polar you have never won anything in this game apart from dozen of silver capes

    Wrong. I have won gold 25 times. You're just mad that you have 0. I've won more than a dozen silvers as well (starting in the first mAT ever in 2007, when this actually mattered), but who's counting.

    @Polar you spent money to pay good players, and even ruined this

    I didn't "ruin it", what the hell are you talking about? I gave money to the entire community for mAT rewards, in order to increase GvG activity. After 2 months, we still didn't have increased activity, oh well. The fact that you try to spin this around shows how completely up your ass and narrow-minded you are. I tried to help the community and improve the game, far more than ANYONE else has. Fact.

  10. Fri Sep 9 13:26:46 2016
    RealZurrie posted in inb4 sep mAT drama.

    @bronas64 Zurrie's defence is basically saying "No, i'm the best fucking player around. You cannot comprehend my ability to win 26 golds but still not have a cape what so ever."

    No it isn't. I don't have "no cape whatsoever", what the fuck are you talking about? This slanted viewpoint from you is to be expected from you, though - you're someone who could never listen to any criticism at all and doesn't guest because of this ignorant echo-chamber viewpoint you have. I guess you're still mad that I was beating [awsm] in 2012 and your guild could never get back to the same level, except for the one time a year later when I played and the guild used my build at the urging of Lorrin. Try to expand your mind and get some perspective instead of attempting to quote something that is not applicable and being isolationist.

    @TheNap It's not like there are no legit players available, they just don't want to play with you

    Wrong, many people do. It takes 8 to GvG, though. People get demotivated in this dead game. All of the other "legit" players you talk about, they don't play specifically because of their spiteful attitude. That is their problem. People here seem to think it's cool to cater to the circle-jerk community. It's not.

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