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  1. 7 months ago
    Sat Apr 15 17:11:36 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    Sry if I offended anyone.
    I thought it was obvious enough from the way it was written, that this post wasnt meant to be taken 100% serious.
    It was more like a parody, cause imo too many players call others a bot way too often in this game and the word bot is losing its meaning for me.
    I dont think there are even close to the amount of botters in this game that a lot of people claim.

  2. Sat Apr 15 15:27:43 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    At the end of our game against the frenchies they flamed our mesmer for botting.
    I finally took the chance and looked at our match to see how good of a mesmer or rupt character in general you have to be, if you wanna be considered a bot.
    The game was over after 5 minutes, so I didnt see any reason to watch further than that.
    I only looked at the backline btw.
    2 rupts on the Prot (Shieldguardian both times)
    0 rupts on the Fuse
    1 rupt on the Runner (Shieldguardian)

    As the good Ranger that I am, I managed to also rupt their backline 3 times in the first 5 minutes (first frame Patient, first frame Guardian, Shieldguardian).
    Add those godlike Melshots on their Nec and Ele with my Longbow on full range and how I destroyed the Ele, I can definitely see a case to be made for me getting the title of a bot.


  3. Mon Apr 10 08:34:50 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Build Thread.

    Lets talk about a build of Warrior / Dervish / Ranger / Mesmer / Ritualist / Backline with a Ritualist, which I guess what you were thinking about?

    With this you would have the basic structure of 2 Melees + Mesmer, which pretty much all not full split builds have.
    It has a good amount of shutdown and if played well can take down 2 Monks with some luck and missplays on the other side.
    Lets add a Ranger and your Rit to it and also go against 3 Monks instead of just 2.
    The 3. Monk on the other side will be more useful to the mainteam, than your Ranger and Rit together as they provide pretty much nothing to spikes and the bit of pressure applied from it will be easily healed by Shieldguardians and Healing Bursts alone.

    So the 1. problem already would be if your build has enough damage to even kill 3 Monks in mainteam.

    That was a bit if theorycrafting and people might or might not agree with me on that one, but there is one problem with it that probably stands above all the others and that is Lord Damage.

    A standard Necro Balanced is one of the best 28minute builds in the game.
    5 Front (2Melees, Mesmer, 2 Monks) / 3 Back (Ranger, Necro, Monk)

    Your team would look something like this if the games go to Lord Damage
    5 Front (2Melees, Mesmer, Prot, Runner) / 3 Back (Ranger, Rit, Fuse) and you could change it to send your Weapon Rit together with your fuse to the enemy base and instead defend with Prot + Runner, which would lead to the question if Fuse + Weapon Rit can stay alive somehow, while also giving up on killing the enemy in your own base.

    Long story short. Playing with a Rit Runner already gives you a pretty big disadvantage at 28 and imo the only way of playing with it is to run something extremely aggressive and trying to kill as fast as possible, instead of packing more defensive stuff into your build as a compensation for the Ritualist.

    Playing Weapon Rit and Runner Rit also makes handling splits a lot more difficult just do add a bit more^^

    Only way for Ritualists to make a comeback imo is if people get bored by playing Monks and make like a pact to all run Ritualists.

  4. Fri Mar 31 10:06:45 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Build Thread.

    We can easily analyze this specific situation and talk about it.

    What did the Rit play against? -> We can see he plays against 2 Hammer Warriors + at least a Dom Mes and probably an oldschool Illusion split Mes.

    What would have been the best solution in this situation with enough energy/no rupts, snares or kds? -> Weapon of Warding against the 2 Wars and the Monks can heal/remove the hexes.

    What was he probably thinking about? -> He is playing against 2 Mesmers with around 4 rupts combined, which would make casting the Weapon of Warding extremely difficult with flag in hand and he tries to cast Xinraes to get at least some kind of heal from it.

    Should he have at least tried to cast Weapon of Warding or Resilient on himself? -> He was able to cast 3 of his 1 second casttime weapons without eating any rupts, which probably means the Mesmers didnt even look at the Rit and misplayed in that sense and the Rit could have abused this to his advantage and give himself a 24/7 Weapon of Warding.

    What could have been done different? -> Run the flag to the stand on something else thats not the Rit himself against this kind of build.

    All around you can definitely argue that the Rit misplayed this situation and at least deserves some kind of blame for it.

  5. Wed Mar 29 09:30:20 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Music Thread - Reloaded.

    How about LadyBaby without LadyBeard

  6. Wed Mar 29 08:50:21 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Build Thread.

    Probably not, cause your life against a ranger would be even more miserable.

  7. Wed Mar 29 07:34:43 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Music Thread - Reloaded.

    Only in Japan

  8. 8 months ago
    Thu Mar 23 16:23:26 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    I saw the builds but tbh I dont see a world where dual mesmer fullwipes in 3 minutes against an invoke ele whos running flag 24/7 and an esurge mesmer without a cancel.
    No offense and so on.

  9. Thu Mar 23 16:18:49 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    Dont wanna be mean, but did anyone on vD dc?

  10. Sat Mar 18 14:18:56 2017
    LittleYoshi posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    What an exciting finals game. /s

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