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  1. 8 months ago
    Wed Mar 15 11:32:34 2017
    mrphz posted in 4v4 Play.

    wsp me if u need ppl Braindead Murphy

  2. 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 27 08:23:59 2017


  3. 11 months ago
    Fri Dec 2 07:58:06 2016
    mrphz posted in WTS OBSIDIAN TRIM.

    dont trust fisto

  4. Sun Nov 27 15:01:09 2016
    mrphz posted in Qekz botting?.

    @butters how do u do that cool screenshot effect where it look like u took a pic w/ ur phone

    take a photo with ur phone?

  5. Sun Nov 27 14:59:11 2016
    mrphz posted in Qekz botting?.

    @Lam3rz @mrphz
    And what does it prove? That you created an empty guild with a tag QeKz so you can point at them? Just stop lying to us already. Your members are syncing and botting hardcore, you and I know it. Hasberry made a statement and got caught by me. Keep syncing / botting / getting caught, who cares at this point. But it doesn't make you any favor. And now you even started lying to us. Just pathetic.

    enuff attention for a clown like u xD

  6. Sun Nov 27 14:38:43 2016
    mrphz posted in Qekz botting?.

    @Lam3rz Yes, QeKz is botting. They are spreading lies about some other fake QeKz botting. But the reality is they are syncing all day accussing and reporting everyone they don't like. Extrem toxic players. Talked to their core members before and they don't even try to hide it.



    find the difference. we managed to get access to pande/ariana/lamerz botting crew in the past. if u wana troll and even spend money on silver trim for it check ur new membz in ur fake guild first xD

  7. last year
    Tue Sep 27 11:11:34 2016

    yes im rly sad bout that

  8. Tue Sep 27 11:08:03 2016

    haha ariana

    @Ariana O I wonder where I find all of these bots

    bff pande. dont lie ariana ur cancel bot is obvious as fuck

  9. Fri Sep 16 15:10:44 2016

    BoT/THAI/random pve alt farmer 2.0

  10. Fri Sep 9 07:14:58 2016
    mrphz posted in Introducing: The Pvp Lobby.

    @Lam3rz . I could support the project and have KNOWLEDGE to do it.

    lamerz knows how to use bots. listen to him!

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