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    Fri Apr 22 15:24:37 2016

    [quote=3824:@tdrone]Oh yeah, bring back Hero Battles.

    Just no

  2. Thu Apr 21 13:42:29 2016
    Chaotic posted in Possible tourney this Saturday.

    Round Robin is so fun :D

  3. Thu Apr 21 13:00:09 2016
    Chaotic posted in Possible tourney this Saturday.

    Thank you very much for the info Holye ^^

  4. Thu Apr 21 12:56:39 2016

    @JoAlmighty 6v6 TA yea yea

    Yea Yea :D

  5. Wed Apr 20 11:19:36 2016
    Chaotic started the conversation Looking for Guild.

    Hi all, Chaotic here.
    I am looking for a friendly welcoming guild to join that I can have fun with and play a variety of PvP modes with, as I no longer want to be confined to RA.
    I am a relatively average player, and with practice I reckon I could become a decent player.
    It is entirely random when I'm online to be honest, but I should definitely be on on weekends.
    Let me know guys. Thank you ^^
    My main character is Chaotic Medic, PM me in game or leave a reply below.
    Thank you :) ^^

  6. Wed Apr 20 11:16:49 2016
    Chaotic posted in Possible tourney this Saturday.

    How experienced must these players be Holye? I like to think I'm at least average lol XD. Also looking for guild, am gonna make convo in a minute

  7. Wed Apr 20 11:09:35 2016

    In fact, just bring TA back with the option of either 4v4 or 8v8. (Speak to NPC or have a menu to decide)

  8. Wed Apr 20 11:06:25 2016

    Bring back Team Arenas, remove RA.
    Or have some maps on RA 8v8, that would be so much fun :D
    Have tournaments on the last day of Dragon Arena/Snowball Arena (8v8 instead of 5v5/4v4)

  9. Mon Apr 18 13:18:03 2016
    Chaotic posted in 2016 April Monthly.

    @sync There was nothing epic, we were winning and our monk lags out and we wipe after time. I don't know what this 1 french guy is whining about tho, as far as I know none of us said they ddossed or botted.
    For sure they knew Sebi lagged out since their warrior was hitting him when he started just standing still and casting nothing but I can't blame them for not waiting, no clue if I would have in their shoes, probably not.

    Hmm.. fair enough. Shame really. Well played though ^^

  10. Mon Apr 18 09:50:22 2016
    Chaotic posted in 2016 April Monthly.

    @All Hail Mou As A complete Noob who watched the whole mat today i must say some games where funny af :D. I mean QQ lost to HDHR in Swiss in a WTF HAPPEND way. Then the Clown Fiesta HDHR vs EDGE. Schelle Alter playing the whole mat the same build and still made it to semi. I should learn GvG on a high lvl as fast as possible couz i don´t wanna miss the next clown fiesta maT. Congratz to THE and peace out.

    regards from a Noob

    Ditto. Congrats [THE] I only had time to watch the final match yesterday but it was epic (Even though as a professional noob I had no clue what was going on) Congrats

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