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  1. 9 months ago
    Thu Feb 9 22:34:00 2017

    Yes thank you guys, it was fun!

  2. 10 months ago
    Wed Feb 1 15:26:59 2017

    @Langlar Do you even realize, Zynkh is still botting on his alt accounts? Or do you need evidence for every account he bots on?

  3. Wed Feb 1 15:13:39 2017

    @Langlar Most agree that players that have somehow proven they are now playing 'clean' should be allowed. This is one of the reasons I have allowed Zynkh to join us for these scrims lately, during which none of his teammates or his opponents complained to me whatsoever about him (apart from a few which refuse to give any botter any chance at a new start).

    And how exactly did he prove it? Zynkh got caught on botting several times even after his "open apology".
    @Sync provided hard evidence of botting Zynkh once again after his comming out. He got busted several times once again.
    So if you are saying everyone is allowed to participate in the Teaching Scrims as long as they don't use any kind of bots during the scrims, [SHOP] , Marc and Co should be allowed to participate in that case. Is that what you are saying? It is fine by me. Ill talk to the SHOP people then, I think some of them will gladly attend to the scrims.
    So you will have more players to play with, maybe its a step in the right direction.

  4. Thu Jan 26 11:28:31 2017

    I would like to tribute this piano version of 'Lambada' to Loalwa Braz, who tragically died on 19.01.2017. BibleThump
    And I'm sorry for the quality of the video, I don't have much time lately, so I made it quick and dirty with my phone.

  5. 11 months ago
    Sat Jan 7 00:01:57 2017
    Lam3rz posted in WoT lf people.

    LOL Wut
    You Guys, need to step it down a little bit. I mean botting is bad, but after so many years some people get bored of the game and start botting and it is understandable to me. Besides of that Zynkh doesn't bot everytime. You are not doing any favor to the community by discriminating these people.
    Stop the Zynkh-Hatred already, it is getting ridiculous! Let him bot if he wants to, I guess that's how he is. <3

  6. Sun Jan 1 19:33:04 2017
    Lam3rz posted in nick lf mat.

    Very rational and friendly beeing manifested into human form.
    10 / 10 Would recommend it again.

  7. Fri Dec 30 16:32:39 2016
    Lam3rz posted in WoT lf people.

    @Maverick Give Zynkh another chance. He even apologized for his botting behaivior. It doesn't matter nowadays whether you have botters in your team or not. Just play the game, have fun and keep the game alive.

  8. Fri Dec 30 04:54:36 2016
    Lam3rz posted in Where is lynie ?.

    Wow so rude..

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  10. Wed Dec 21 01:35:48 2016
    Lam3rz started the conversation The End of Guild Wars (feat. OvO).

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