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  1. 6 months ago
    Tue Feb 14 00:11:23 2017

    Step 1 don't listen to 0 gold clowns like that guy^
    Step 2 clean front
    Step 3 keep team alive

  2. Sat Feb 11 11:02:33 2017
    B Bogden posted in What is the worst nationality.

    @Kishi This thread is certainly a joke and not serious. Foul stench of xenophobia...

    Stop being such a Jew and join in

  3. Thu Feb 9 05:56:17 2017
    B Bogden started the conversation What is the worst nationality.

    and why is it French?

  4. Sat Feb 4 15:24:12 2017
    B Bogden posted in RIP WM.

    anyone who cares about this shit in 2017 is a fucking loser

  5. Sun Jan 29 15:22:33 2017

    Nobody cares about your opinion you stupid fuck

  6. 7 months ago
    Thu Jan 5 15:00:36 2017
    B Bogden posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    So why is sqrl doing monk flag now? L E L

  7. Fri Dec 30 18:22:53 2016

    @Curiousity all i read was poor in game, poor in life. get a job fukin loser.

    Lmao are you going to post your latest movie ticket next to prove you have money? Pathetic kys

  8. 8 months ago
    Wed Dec 21 01:43:24 2016

    LMAO truly ebin takedown, GAT EM!
    kill yourself fam

  9. Tue Dec 20 13:40:34 2016
    B Bogden posted in Buildwars.

    @Accolade You guys are literally talking to yourselves through alt accounts...please seek professional help. GW servers gonna shut down sometime during your life time, you need to be able to cope with the suicidal tendencies then

    Sounds like you're speaking from experience LOL

  10. Fri Dec 9 07:59:55 2016
    B Bogden posted in GW; RA; GVG; HARASSEMENT.

    @SISTRENS I don’t know her, so I can’t judge. I asked in RA and they told me that Elsa is a paedophile who plays with botters, in guilds à la BRAT, so I’m not so sure I can relate? Anyway, not knowing what she sounds like, I’ll just drop the comparison.

    No, people flame, molest, report, insult, stalk and bash me for reasons that are as clear as stupid. I EXPOSED their vicious circle of RA masturbation, discovering their use of alts and their abuse towards others. Not that it took so much to discover these, they’re pretty open about them. They get so competitive and angry over RA…two times, in two different occasions, I flawlessed WALKY’s syncs with a (each time different) player from DoNe in my team. In BOTH cases, they told me “WALKY/they are raging so hard on TS”. Also, player from DoNe candidly admit that K O and others send alts in when they sync, to face teams with an “afk”. If that’s normal to you…

    The same level of “tryhardingness”, and consequent reactions, can be seen in QeKz, whose members PM me so hard with their alts every time I get to kick their syncs. Not to mention KARLA, who is literally the biggest abuser I’ve ever witnessed. You dare to kick her sync while not being in her clique? You are a BOTTER. No proof, no anything, but she’s been spamming that I’m a botter for weeks, never plays + report me when we are in the same team (ruining the fun for others), and always insults me with her ridiculous slurs that she makes up in an attempt to look smart.

    I don’t think that you are “against” me as you just stated an opinion and did not abuse or insult me. Abuse is what I am complaining about and it has not much to do with entry barriers to GvG. Well, it is an entry barrier, but I don’t think many players had to put up with it. The situation is degenerating. I think that GvG people, if they care about getting more players into the scene (which, mind you, is not mandatory) should try and stop acting apologetic towards players who are known for being abusive in RA. People are drawn away from trying GvG because of WALKY’s attitude (DoNe in general, sometimes), by EURO’s attitude, and by the attitude of QEKZ, + their mistress KARLA.

    Just read the first replies. Tldr, boring, fuhrer doge disapproves (ahem, ok?). Was I wrong? Now the conversation is seemingly heading in the right direction and I am happy about it. Those that you call assumptions are not part of an hermeneutic of speculation but are, more obviously, what I was told from other DoNe players, and WALKY never denied any of them. Since they were honest in other scenarios (for instance, the alts use) I did not assume they were trolling. I pride myself in not knowing such a repulsive person as WALKY.

    Let me just conclude by saying that, after (possibly) reading of the abuse I am subject to, you decide to focus on such an irrelevant mistake (if that is a mistake at all), which has no impact on the overall design of my essay. What might have been, and what has been, point to one end, which is always present. Her sex has no place in the intrigue of my story, and that you really had to point that out, by implying that it’s determinant to believing me, sounds a bit sexist, if you really wanna know. Even if you don’t. xD. But I don’t wanna jump on conclusions, I digress.

    Thank you! You might think your comment was not of much help but it was:

    • I included you in my list because I remember observing you play in various guilds in the past, I think Flying Pig Squadron and various Est guilds, and a guild named SKY possibly, so I thought you had good insight on the GvG scenario.
    • I had much fun playing with you in RA some weeks ago, and the fact you witnessed the RA scenario convinced me to ask you.
    • It seems that you are sort of confirming my claims, which is already a good help per se.

    I will try to attend teaching scrims in the future, hoping I won’t have to deal directly with WALKY and her(or his) friends.


    Stop writing so much shit, nobody cares. And no im not going to read your response to this bc it will also just be boring and stupid. Can admins make a mod bot that deletes every post from people who play RA more than 3 days a week ty

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