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  1. 8 months ago
    Tue Feb 14 00:11:23 2017

    Step 1 don't listen to 0 gold clowns like that guy^
    Step 2 clean front
    Step 3 keep team alive

  2. Sat Feb 11 11:02:33 2017
    B Bogden posted in What is the worst nationality.

    @Kishi This thread is certainly a joke and not serious. Foul stench of xenophobia...

    Stop being such a Jew and join in

  3. Thu Feb 9 05:56:17 2017
    B Bogden started the conversation What is the worst nationality.

    and why is it French?

  4. Sat Feb 4 15:24:12 2017
    B Bogden posted in RIP WM.

    anyone who cares about this shit in 2017 is a fucking loser

  5. Sun Jan 29 15:22:33 2017

    Nobody cares about your opinion you stupid fuck

  6. 9 months ago
    Thu Jan 5 15:00:36 2017
    B Bogden posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    So why is sqrl doing monk flag now? L E L

  7. Fri Dec 30 18:22:53 2016

    @Curiousity all i read was poor in game, poor in life. get a job fukin loser.

    Lmao are you going to post your latest movie ticket next to prove you have money? Pathetic kys

  8. 10 months ago
    Wed Dec 21 01:43:24 2016

    LMAO truly ebin takedown, GAT EM!
    kill yourself fam

  9. Tue Dec 20 13:40:34 2016
    B Bogden posted in Buildwars.

    @Accolade You guys are literally talking to yourselves through alt accounts...please seek professional help. GW servers gonna shut down sometime during your life time, you need to be able to cope with the suicidal tendencies then

    Sounds like you're speaking from experience LOL

  10. Fri Dec 9 07:51:48 2016
    B Bogden posted in Yours truly, the mexican..

    @sync No, I would be really dumb if I believed 1 word you say.

    How do u not believe 1 word a person says? You don't believe the individual words he says such as "To", "people", "come" and "mesmer"? What if he said 1+1=2, would you consider yourself dumb for believing that?

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