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    Mon Mar 13 20:22:05 2017
    R Rainy posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    Ridiculing someone for being an average weight (and who is clearly insecure about it) is a little much, even if they are an absolute cancer in this game. I am sure if you use that brain of yours you can come up with perfectly reasoned and vicious attacks that won't tend towards causing self-harm.

    Ariana deserves tons of criticism for ruining RA with alt flood so by all means give it to her. At the same time, if Sistrens/Anonymous are really associated with Qekz, then they are just as toxic. I would much rather face a bot than a full sync - gives a much lesser advantage. I'd also catalogue both as forms of cheating, although botting is more serious in that regard.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 6 22:26:46 2017
    R Rainy posted in Official shitposting thread.

    @Spartan Oo You're not happy that more ppl playing and organize scrims in the middle of the afternoon ?

    More people playing is obviously a good thing - don't know why anyone would complain about activity. I just wish I spoke some French.

  3. Mon Mar 6 19:02:15 2017
    R Rainy posted in Official shitposting thread.

    @Jaca i wanna play some scrims
    looks like playing vs frenchies is such a huge thing now

    French invasion. I feel like ~70% of people in AT/scrims last week or so have been French.

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 24 11:16:24 2017
    R Rainy posted in Rainy (prot) LF Guild .

    This thread is far more positive than I expected.

    I love you all and will be sending each and everyone of you flowers.

  5. Wed Feb 22 15:25:23 2017
    R Rainy posted in Rainy (prot) LF Guild .

    Up. Looking like I can play this month. Will likely be rusty for the next week or so.

  6. Wed Feb 22 11:22:28 2017

    @Stark Motoko you're right. Alex is talking bullshit. Seeing his post in this thread and the other one about math makes me sure: he will not be able to code better bots. so don't worry lads

    Please don't compare this to the MATH video.

    You and another poster already tried the same red herring there - "Alex is an [insert derogatory name] so therefore we can dismiss the evidence." Unless you are arguing a doctored video and a vast conspiracy, we can't just ignore the MATH evidence.

    I'll add that the MATH video involved repeated suspicious activity, while this incident involved only one. Moreover, there is a justification for using balance stance while expecting a spike from a WC sin (even if the timing was remarkable), while there is no apparent logic for cancel casting interrupts multiple times.

    People need to stop with the fallacies.

    As for the Ali video specifically - it's a single incident so not much we can really say. Most prots would use balance stance in a similar situation, although 999 times out of 1,000 they would not time it perfectly (which is where I disagree with Nick). Obviously this isn't sufficient evidence to establish anything - had this occurred multiple times, we'd have a different story. Still, I think what Sync did is good - post evidence of some kind of suspicious behavior and let the community decide. That's really the best we can hope for.

  7. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 19 14:04:11 2017
    R Rainy posted in Dear Accolade, .

    It's spelled Gatorade.

  8. Fri Feb 17 16:18:27 2017

    @Nick Where are you on the spectrum? Try and talk like a normal person in your response, see how well you can pass

    It's ok. I know your truth. You can stop projecting.

    Got to go. We can continue this later!

  9. Fri Feb 17 16:07:08 2017

    @Nick Jesus Christ dude i'm not going to read a whole newspaper articles worth of your autistic shit, put it in 3 or less paragraphs or don't even bother

    You read it. Please don't insult the intelligence of the posters here by pretending you didn't.

    If you are unwilling or unable to respond then I simply suggest being silent. When you read my post but then come back with a variation of "haha tl;dr," it makes you out to be the weasel you like to call others.

    I fully understand you lacking the intellectual tools to engage with me. I also understand your worry that engaging with me further carries with it the possibility that you might embarrass yourself among your peers. That is likely an unfounded fear, but for someone who is obsessed with his social status, I imagine that anxiety has crossed your mind.

    But you debase yourself with these schoolyard tactics and demonstrate profound ignorance in not realizing we can see your deflections.

  10. Fri Feb 17 15:50:00 2017

    @Nick I love how you always throw in some angry little quip at the end, you know it only makes people dislike you more and takes away a lot from your arguments because it makes you look like a little bitch. You aren't scoring points in some imaginary insult game

    You're projecting, but you highight a key difference between us that you often fail to appreciate.

    I do not need or want validation from this community. Sure I like and/or are friendly with some people who play the game, but at the end of the day I gain nothing from impressing these people. I am confident enough in myself as a person and in the quality of my beliefs that I am not seeking safety in numbers.

    You are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You DESPERATELY want to be liked and accepted, likely because of social isolation you have experienced outside of the game. There is nothing itself offensive about wanting to be liked, but you take it to another level with routinely sycophantic, calculated, and fake behavior. It is so cringeworthy trying to see you connect to others through forced Trump jokes or appeals to the internet's libertarian tendencies (rallying against political correctness, groupthink, virtue signaling are all ways at scoring easy social points). The constant deflections and failure to admit fault (as if apologizing concedes a loss of social stature) point to the same underlying cause.

    As part of a larger repertoire of insults, you have called me "autistic" over the years. This always stood out to me, and I think it is one of your more obvious tells. Basically, I think this is yet another area where you project. You obviously have sufficient communication skills to preclude you from being very far on the spectrum, but the very forced and artificial way in which you try to connect with others, combined with your desperate need to be liked, strongly imply this is something you are trying to overcome.

    Of course this isn't an imaginary insult game. It's interesting you think in those terms, even if it is ultimately to preclude its existence. Your mind goes to a place where there are winners and losers because that signifies social status. I am not trying to "beat you" or win over the community's affections. I very simply disagree with your conduct and person, and find utility in expressing it.

    As for calling me a "little bitch" or a "cuck" - these words obviously have little meaning to me (for an insult to be effective, it should at least in part be predicated on an insecurity). But like your "autistic" comment, they are interesting on two levels. First, you are very obviously borrowing from the anti-social justice, libertarian lexicon. Cuck, especially, since that is the go-to insult of Internet personalities rallying against feminism. It's glaringly out of place here, but it works towards the social persona you are trying to cultivate.

    Second, I just don't think they are qualitatively true. I have been very confrontational when it comes to addressing you. To put this into terms you might understand, going against you often hurts my social standing in the community. I am basically a blunt person who is comfortable with conflict. I am sure there are definitions of "little bitch" that do not turn entirely on confrontation, but I am not sure I am a good fit for the word.

    If anything, the person who constantly deflects, refuses to admit fault, and resorts to sarcasm when faced with confrontation is the "little bitch." That is why I have rather purposefully told you to "man up" and apologize for your cheating. For someone so insistent on using terms like "cuck," you sure have a peculiar tendency for shying away from conflict and pursuing any action that might remotely damage your perception amongst peers.

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