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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Jul 6 13:42:12 2017
    E Ep S posted in Goldcape players flame..

    @Zynkh I've never seen this Fisto guy until Ep guested him for 1 AT in FAPS,

    I do not remember where fisto came from, but i remember you came on prot? He ran through the back of our base into the back of the other teams base, not saying anything, kinda rambod into their base right off the bat, it looked like he was throwing or he literally had no idea what was going on.

    Yes he threw it, purposely? idk.
    Does this kid have a gold cape now?


  2. 5 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:14:50 2017
    Godly changed Ep S's group to Member.
  3. 7 months ago
    Mon Feb 13 14:01:34 2017
    E Ep S started the conversation Ep & Moto lf mat.

    Moto and I lf mat. Msg on here or in game.

  4. Sat Jan 21 06:54:53 2017
    E Ep S started the conversation Need 2 more Mat.

    Need 2 more mat. Msg Ep Loves My Babies

  5. 8 months ago
    Thu Jan 19 15:13:40 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    look at this shit storm you started jorn. omg. OBVIOUSLY the community is going to have a negative stance on botting. duh, but no one is currently botting, so chill ya tits. apart from those mother fucks in SHOP

  6. Thu Jan 19 15:12:11 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    just kidding. uh ,yea i played with Nick plenty, there ya go, and z, chyea, i only ever play with z when hes on ele so. I mean i was in a guild awhile ago with virti on flagger and then he went off and botted with everyone. oopsies. I don't condone botting, but fuck i just log on to play guild wars. If i had played with people who have a bad history to date, welps mah bad.

  7. Thu Jan 19 15:10:25 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    @sync Ep kid

    Hey, Fuck you, ya dirty grown up

  8. Wed Jan 18 14:59:10 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    and what? mini z key won gold? when???

  9. Wed Jan 18 14:58:40 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    @thewar u have virti anyway XD another botter also who know maybe the mexicunt bottet all his golds from being a player like mini zkey to win gold ? bot ofc

    virti does not play in gfg. nor is he in gfg.

  10. Wed Jan 18 13:30:18 2017
    E Ep S posted in Community stance on botting.

    @SISTRENS What concerns me (even though no one cares) is how the forgiving process is selectively biased. I don't wanna name names - because it won't be necessary - but what is the difference between forgiving someone who has played solely and exclusively with various bots and using alts for months, said he was going to stop botting many times and did not, and forgiving Zynkh who was caught botting twice (or more, idk, still much less than others)?

    Yet, one of the two gets his guild kicked from ally because of playing on ele, while the other gets to play with people who are clearly better than him, without even having to record (beyond me).

    Personally, I have nothing against any of the two, but Zynkh was very nice to me during and after teaching scrims, as a person and as a player, so I don't really understand what the discriminating factor could be.

    I think people just dont take them is because, most botters are like absolutely awful at the game and they just never improve even when theyre not botting because they dgaf. Z has a handful of golds w/o botting on various roles. Why he did it and got caught fucking twice? iunno hes a bit stupid (oh and hes a shit l surge solo splitter) but hey the kid isnt bad.

    Also someone invite gfg to an alliance plx, there is no z here. i swear it by the old gods and the new. ill let someone in the guild to proof it.

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