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    Mon Feb 13 08:13:00 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Will most likely be unable to host and attend Banned battles this Wednesday (15/2) as well as next weeks Wednesday (22/2).
    Does anyone else want to organize this these two weeks?
    Only need to be in a guild where you can guest people or have someone help you guest as well as push people to form 2 teams, follow rules and try to hurry up a bit between games without being an ass about it. :)

    Otherwise see you in 2 weeks unless I post otherwise here.

  2. Mon Feb 13 01:30:05 2017

    Hey Liquid!

    You are welcome to come to Banned battles whenever this is hosted.
    As often as I can on Wednesdays usually. Thread is updated accordingly.
    Games usually end up in a 2007-2009 meta with the way the skills are balanced at the moment.


    Ranger VOD from last week which was quite succesful:

  3. Fri Feb 10 02:41:06 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Happy to hear some positive comments.
    In general I think the quality of the games and how teams hold up is increasing with every week.
    Some general overview of what is happening in different classes below. Many skills have not been touched yet but still a lot of experimentation. Probably more that I can't think of now or forgot.

    Monks try all kind of builds; SoD, HB, Glimmer, Healing light, Boon prots, AoF, LS and perhaps some more and generally the fights last decently long. Seen all from 2-25 minutes but no Lord damage game yet which I personally do not mind.

    I play a lot of Warrior in BB and have had success with all kind of skills, Eviscerate, Dev hammer, Charge, Crip slash, Dragon slash, Bull's charge, Corrupt ench sword, plague touch, shock, healing signet etc. Even tried Headbutt together with Plague signet Necro which is awkward but 20-30 second daze :) . All good in different situations.

    Rangers seem to bring more utility like daze, deb shot, blackout, troll unguent and have used several elites like Crip shot, Magebane, Broad head, Burning arrow and Quick shot. Perhaps more.

    Mesmers generally stick to what they know and some of the skills are hard to substitute even though we have put skills like Mind wrack, Blackout, Gale, Ward against melee and Crip anguish to good use. I think there is more to experiment with here and we have not touched upon hexes too much.

    Elementalist is probably outside of Monks the class where the most experimentation is going on.
    B-surge, Gust, Mind blast, Shatterstone, Water trident, Mind freeze, Glyph of energy, Ether prism, Master of magic, Mind shock and Second wind are all elites which I have seen. All four Elementalist attributes have been used for good effect in my opinion and there is a lot left here to try. Without Pleak and Pblock a lot of stuff is viable I think.

    Necromancers are searching a bit for different roles but so far have done pretty well with Corrupt ench hexes (Like old TA style) and Plague signet condi spreading. We have not played any hex builds yet though where I still believe they have many useful skills with Pleak and Pblock banned. Their main issue is the 2 sec cast, not the effects which are rather strong when sticky.

    Ritualists mainly do same old even though some experimentation is done with utility, like snares or Nightmare weapon last time.

    Paragons have not been played last few times but have mainly run Cruel spear. I think there are some effective but not used skills in here too with Power levels generally lower.

  4. Wed Feb 8 14:16:31 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    2017-02-08 Banned battles

    Played 5 games I think with mixed pugs.

    First 4 games were Team 1: 3 W, R, Me, Rt vs Team 2: 2 W, 2 E, Me, Rt.
    3 W tried to pressure and flag push when possible while the 2 E team tried to flag push with water/earth snares but at first had a tough time killing.
    This later turned into the 2 E team having the general upper hand, scoring kills but unfortunatly spreading too thin during their push, leaving targets vunerable under the pressure of 3 Warriors and eventually cause full wipes + lord kill similarly in all games.

    Last game Team 1: played 2 W, R, Me, Air ele, Shatterstone runner vs Team 2: W, AoD Sin, R, 2 Snare eles, Mo runner.
    Team 2 went aggressive pushing the base on all fronts but perhaps underestimating the damage of Shatterstone runner as the Ranger and Ele pushing front died but this bought time for the Sin to kill both knights.
    This went on during the next few minutes where Team 1 killed the front pushing team while the Sin sneaked in NPC kills until Team 2 boosted followed by Team 1 pushing the base which caused some confusion leaving the Guild lord open to be solo killed by the AoD sin running Critical defense. (Yes this is apparently possible even though he got low in the attempt). :)

    Shield guardian comment: I think both teams ran one each, not sure about my own team to be honest, we might have skipped it but generally I think teams held up fine. We can keep playing with limit of 1 unless some people object.

  5. Tue Feb 7 11:42:58 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Updated with location. [core] Guild hall.

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 6 01:11:26 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Scrim night this Wednesday at [core] Guild hall.
    Start time: 7:00PM CET/6:00PM GMT/1:00PM EST/10:00AM PST.
    PM: Jade Belzor (Belzor Hmm) for guest invite.
    Guild hall: Druids isle

    If any Guild teams or Pre made pugs want to come, it's helpful to post here and let us know so we can prepare accordingly.

    We play with limited amounts of Shield guardian this week as per request, starting with 1 per team to see how that feels.

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 30 06:15:08 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Hi everyone,

    I am most likely unable to host and attend this Wednesdays BB-scrims.
    If anyone else wants to give it a try this week, let me know here.

    About Shield guardian, even though I prefer to not complicate stuff by setting rules of maximum 1 etc we can try it next time I am able to host it as Shield guardian is a bit special. :)
    The Maximum of 1 if Rt runner and 2 if Monk runner (other runners?) will be too complicated so must be 1 or 2 without conditions in my opinion.

  8. Wed Jan 25 13:56:08 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    2017-01-25 Banned battles

    Played 4-5 games tonight, [QQ] + guests vs [DnF] + guests.
    [QQ] started off with 2 W, 2 R, N condition pressure vs Balanced.
    Later switched to more balanced vs balanced style and [DnF] tried a W/A, 3 E, Me build as well.
    Most games went pretty long and both teams generally had a hard time killing even though there were some back and forth action with kills on splits and occasional 8v8 kills.

    I totally forgot to make teams setup in different halls so some build warsing was made, my bad!
    Also we ended up playing in Meditation because of last minute Guild hall change to [QQ] Guild hall. Thanks for allowing the scrims there!

    Can I get some more opinions on Shield guardian as we could definitly ban that as teams seem to have adjusted pretty nicely and don't die too easily anymore?

  9. Wed Jan 25 10:32:21 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Changed guild hall

    We are changing to [QQ] guild hall since SqrL disbanded.
    PM: "Belzor Hmm" or "A German Thing"

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 23 01:56:33 2017
    B Belzor posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    Hi Elena!

    If you are able to organize a team (5-8 people) or so beforehand then it helps if you let us know so we possibly are able to start playing faster but if you want to come alone or in a small group then just show up. :)

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