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    Thu Aug 18 13:23:39 2016
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  2. Wed Aug 3 19:21:53 2016

    also if you read what he wrote with gailes account, you will notice that he wanted to ban all botters/syncers.
    So he had a good intention at the beginning, but in the end the only thing he did was, remove gold cape guilds.

  3. Wed Aug 3 18:52:52 2016


    @butters Figlilly.3907
    What a disgusting thing to happen to a lovely person. What sort of low life takes advantage of Gaile of all people? She is always so kind and helpful. You people blaming Anet security and the poor dupe who probably lost his/her job, consider the real culprit was one of us – a vile, nasty little player. Yuck.

    The hacker responsible = devout lynie/respirator lynie / t i l t e d

    The scammer/hacker (maybe lynie) did it not only to remove gold capes, he also did it to show people how easy it is to get access to any account in guild wars.
    You basically can get any account in guild wars just with the character name, you just need to ask the support often enough. Soon you will find somebody at the support who will give you the email adress and reset your password. Thats exactly what happened. I partly like what he did, he showed everybod how easy it is, and maybe the support will be more restrictful.
    A lot (rich) pve players got hacked by this method already (dwadwa eg.)

    So its not that bad what happened, but i hope you guyz get your gold cape back. :-)
    I realized that he trolled a lot and not only removed sold gold trims, but also gold trims of guilds he does not like.

  4. Sat Jul 30 10:38:43 2016

    @[deleted] not the first time maik plays with botters, should be blacklisted tbh

    Blacklisting Maik is not enough, I will try to ban him by sending an emails to the support.
    He was well aware that he had bots in his team.

  5. Sat Jul 23 01:06:44 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in 2016 July Monthly.


  6. Sun Jul 17 14:13:45 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in 2016 July Monthly.

    @Ali Fact of the matter is little 2k16 shitters have successfully ruined any decent competition left in this game.

    Yes, you are about to leave this game, we know already.

    @Ali decent guilds like to play against decent teams

    You are a decent player in a decent guild i gues? your ego start to damage you, take care

    @Ishtli blabla

    you bore me

  7. Sun Jul 17 13:18:39 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in 2016 July Monthly.

    @K R S ;C H K R Hi.

    • Zurrie's team had a single disconnect for few minutes in the match, Ns people had pretty much a dc spike. It's much more probably that the dc in Zurrie's team on a random midline position was coincidence than that half-party-dc for Ns players.
    • It was a ranger in True who wasn't doing anything at that point except keeping a monk from their opposing team's main team (splitting to the backdoor), Ns lost their backline (against a split build, gz to that)
    • Zurrie's team was obviously botting throughout the entire mAT. Sure, that's not directly connected with the ddos issue, but I want to stress I won't shed a tear for botters. :P
    • The first one to call that dc in Zurrie's team ddos was one of his team mates, saying it was Pande (see vid @2:22). I guess one doesn't have to say more about that, eh? Obvious connections. Don't see (or hear) anything like that in Ns's stream.

    Because of these points I'd say the comparison of that dc in Zurrie's team and the dcs of Ns players this mAT isn't valid.

    okay this is the proof that True ddoses Ali and True has 8/8 botters. and they are syncers too.
    And you are a very good player "K R S C H K R", jBG should invite you as core member, so you win the next gold cape. Dont join Alis guild, because they gets ddoes every month.

  8. Sun Jul 17 13:14:00 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in 2016 July Monthly.

    @Zynkh Some things would never change.

    I feel really sorry for Ns, but congrats to jBG.

    I feel sooooo sorry for Ns too, really!
    Can we collect a donation for Ns? Everybody donates 2 Stacks of ectos?

    We then split the donation to 3 players: Ali, Godly and Sync

    @Ali Yous can all discuss the matter as much as you all want. This pvp is an absolute joke.

    I love this game as much as anyone here, we all still play it don't we?

    End of the day there will is only 3 guilds, every mat, that have a chance of winning gold or not. Been ddosed myself a couple times as you all know.. Sad thing is, these shitty noobs in this community killed it all by yasel.

    And yes I'm talking to all these shitt botters that still don't know how to play the game by themselves in 2016, games been out for 12 years and u still need to use programme to achieve a semi final.. And yes I'm talking to these 2k16 baddies that bought a well retired gold trim to play in (embarrassing)

    This game is an absolute joke, anyone that plays this game outside of RiP Ns and jFG are no competition, you can tryhard as much as you want, that will always be the case.

    Yes this is sooo true, all gold cape guilds starting from 2009 are trash.
    Only guilds back in 2008 are real gold cap guilds, and [vD] is the best of them.
    I think everybody @ this game is 100% trash now, we should all stop playing it.
    All this shit botter and syncers destroy the game and there is no good guild anymore, because we are all trash.
    And now the trash gets ddosed too.

    Lets face it, the best player in this guild is of course: Ali Ali Ali
    All others are trash ofc. jBG too. if not ddos, then Ali will winn this gold cape again.
    so jBG is trash too ofc.

  9. Sun Jul 17 04:37:48 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in 2016 July Monthly.

    Hey guyz,
    it was ME who DDOSED you!
    for more info, pm me ig: "Karla Grey"
    Or join my TeamSpeak Server "stellite.typefrag.com:7370".

  10. Mon Jul 11 12:37:45 2016
    fake Karla Grey posted in Pokemon GO.

    @Maik got 23 rattatas

    Wow nice! Where you found so many?

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