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  1. last week
    Wed Mar 22 05:33:22 2017
    Lao started the conversation SEA Reforming.

    SEA is looking a backline for April MAT
    pm : Mr Jermaine or Afro Lao

  2. Tue Mar 21 04:32:39 2017
    Lao posted in LF Guild.

    SEA is reforming for next MAT Jorn, pm me or farcry

  3. Sun Mar 19 12:45:33 2017
    Lao posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    no it's not spnv players, already asked

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 15 07:39:56 2017
    Lao posted in 4v4 Play.

    We should agree about some team builds.
    Mirror builds can be a really good training

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 8 05:08:00 2017

    @Polar Comming from a guy that just said "I have to admit I really would like to try a party window" I find it a bit hypocritical xD

    Talking about how a party window works & findout how and if it's possible to counter this, doesnt mean im using a 3rd party tool.
    So all those frogs who were on TS with me, talking about this, are hypocritical ;) ;) ;)

    btw, from someone who dont understand anything in network like ping or latency, i find this really hilarous :D

  6. Sun Feb 5 17:16:26 2017
    Lao posted in Dear Accolade, .

    this community is gettin worst every weeks ..........................................

  7. Sat Feb 4 04:16:00 2017
    Lao posted in RIP WM.

    @faker then sold the guild for a good amount of money

    280$ must be huge for a kiddo :x
    Raine still ownz iQ, Reno was sold in 2008

  8. 8 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 1 09:17:26 2017

    @Ali Also you just proved my point - you're a hypocrite. And also slightly retarded it seems..!

    "Lao, why your mesmer is botting?" literraly this words.....
    Yeah we are all retarted for u.....

  9. Wed Feb 1 09:02:14 2017

    @Ali Also Lao, you're one to talk. When I said era was rupting always at 0.5 sec you made a big fuss out of it and said it's era, blablabla. Laughed about it in ally and told all your French friends

    Yes i talk. why not ?
    You cried on Eraziel playing mesmer on teaching scrims vocal, ask me why he's botting. Most ppl laugh at u & told u to stop drugs. Paranoid ? man, u're one of them too !! x)

  10. Wed Feb 1 08:12:02 2017

    @Godly I still think most (legit) top players are willing to close their eyes on their friends.

    THIS !

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