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    Sun Mar 5 15:08:54 2017
    TheNap posted in Teaching Scrims Sign-up Form.

    The main reason for the "get as many matches as possible" thing was that there were no actual "learners" left, since I believe all the side work like advertising in PvE alliances/Kamadan etc. stopped.

    Is this any different currently? Are there any full-on GvG-newbies attending the event? I don't hink so, and that's why all this theoretical discussion on how the optimal teaching event should be ran is kinda waste imo.

    That was also the reason I wanted to merge your project and this one back then @Curiousity

  2. Sun Mar 5 11:45:12 2017
    TheNap posted in Suspicious botters list.

    don't you speak like that to a moderator

  3. Sun Mar 5 10:41:28 2017
    TheNap posted in Suspicious botters list.

    lol euros

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    Fri Feb 24 17:22:15 2017


  5. Fri Feb 24 17:13:10 2017

    I only remember Ali as HA trash like myself

  6. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 5 17:25:06 2017
    TheNap posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Stark Fine, I'll make the effort...




  7. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 30 13:55:33 2017

    learning that "mdr" doesn't mean "merde" changed my life, thanks GW!!

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  9. 3 months ago
    Mon Dec 26 06:50:24 2016

    @Reed A ritualist doesn't really need to cancel vs a ranger (which is one of the ways alot of ritualists burn their energy and end up doing nothing), just don't wait 5seconds between casts so that he always has savage shot ready.

    With that strat you will have both weapons d-shot within 10 seconds ...

    The main problem I see with rit is that he either brings utility as Rt/E and will run oom vs just a single ranger in no time without help or he runs Spirit Channeling and loses this utility (which I think is the main advantage over a monk, since spirits and weapons, while op, can be shut down really easily on most maps). Addintionally, rits get completely negated by wastrels (spamming wielders does not heal your team) and can even get soloed if they're unlucky with PI ...

    So, as said before, rit is only good if you run on him most of the time. BUT then once again, as pointed out in other threads, there is no real option to play defesively in an effective way in the current meta. Reasons being the disappearance of defensive midline characters because of wastrels and the sheer amount of damage being run in builds (e.g. L-Surge single target dps). So the safest option will always be to run on midline, in which case rit flagger is just inferior to the monk imo.

  10. Sun Dec 11 17:44:43 2016

    Well, this once again comes down to what defines "being better". As mentioned before, pure micro is only a minor aspect in this game. Communication, reliability, understanding tactics and game-mechanics have a way more important role imo. And these latter points are very hard to prove in the end, thats why most people will fall back to a player they know (aside from friendship or what not). But if we are talking about a "learner" that is obviously better in all those aspects (well, technically they would'nt be a "learner" anymore in this case), I definitely see them being picked over someone else.

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