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    Sat Jul 9 08:12:04 2016

    Lol that fisto record is hilarious if you're german.
    It reminds me of :

  2. Sun Apr 3 17:23:13 2016
    N niknax posted in GvG resources/streams/videos.

    GvG Newb uploading his matches.
    Comments welcome!


  3. 2 years ago
    Mon Nov 9 14:56:53 2015
    N niknax posted in Comment on my game.

    alright, thanks for the input!
    that was even more useful than i thought :P

  4. Mon Nov 9 06:20:20 2015
    N niknax started the conversation Comment on my game.

    Since I'm watching a lot of streams and try to adapt playstyles from better players, i thought it might help my game if the better players watch me.
    So please comment on everything that you think might improve my game :P
    Also let me know the timestamp of that situation.
    Note: My mic is kinda low, sorry about that.

  5. Tue Oct 13 14:05:32 2015
    N niknax posted in Goldcape players flame..

    I'm sorry Fisto, but I've played with you and you talked with your friend that you use Protbot in GvG.
    Also you ran a ruptbot ( "Alpha Kevin" ) in HA with 8 ruptskills (rlly?)
    And if thats not enough there is a facebook (gw a new hope) post about you scamming ppl...

  6. Tue Oct 13 14:01:24 2015
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