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    Wed Feb 22 05:41:50 2017
    H hi im alex posted in How bstance bot works (sync pov).

    @Motoko Unbaised input here:

    This is similar to some interrupt accusations.

    Keep in mind, IF the balance stance is a bot, you understand that it is casting in response to the casting of Wastrels Collapse. That is a 1/4 second skill. That means for this to even be plausible Ali would have to have had ping of less than .250ms. Very possible but definitely seems unlikely given the unreliability of ArenaNet's servers.

    Wrong. To make it simple. As soon as the request is sent to the server the bot reads it. You have to subtract the pings of 2 players. Most bots are coded via autoit and have a shitty socket/injection so they are rather slow.
    EDIT: Also have a shitty connection via gwca/gwa2!

    If youre smart enough you can hit patients,infuse and whatnot with a fucking pblock. Sadly coding something like that takes ages and is hard to run. I only know one person who has such a bot and who is capable of coding one of these and he doesnt play gvg...yet....

  2. Tue Feb 21 09:25:09 2017
    H hi im alex posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Motoko Do we know what players were playing for HEIL?

    It was me marc and 2 random fellas plus SHOP essentially. We had no "legit hurr durr" player.

    Our backline fucked up in playoffs, also the camping hamwar on me as a ranger was a dealbreaker as well.

    Still the autism is strong. We basically random'd the mAT and still whooped your ass 5/0. Shouldve swapped builds tho.

    Keep circlejerking, next month is going to be harder for you cunts.

    No more love, no xoxo, just plain hate for you all.

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 5 03:29:39 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Dear Accolade, .

    How the hell did we go from scamming accounts, to 400 dollar tapas to debating wheter his rolex is real or nah and how much cash hes raking in?

    Next thing im gonna post a picture of my roided up body and get thousand pms from the closet gays!

    On topic, it was a bitchmove nothing else. I was the one who said youre were botting because it was fucking obvious. Dont know who was on your account i dont give 2 cents tho.

    Instead of being grown ups and realising that this is a fucking game and you shouldnt get THAT butthurt about it!

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 2 03:36:23 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Yet another botting drama?.


    Hey boo, hope everything is fine. Gotta put the gf on hold and spend some time with your e-love... xoxo

  5. Wed Feb 1 09:12:51 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @JornF @hi im alex I dont know who you are but a player in a guild or was in a guild that botted really hard, multiple ppl using them. Maybe even you used them but the reason why i said the things i said was because it seems like youre trying to get back into the good graces of the community. Why i said you have no credibility is because of that very reason... you played with multiple ppl who bot and talked your shit during matches like your the best and no one bots etc..
    Now you come out with information about how they work?! I mean come on man u cant play both sides and expect someone to be cool about it :/ .

    You dont need to know me haha. I totally get your point. Its fine with me even! The only thing im doing (or what i was doing all the time) was trying to expose some hypocrites. I failed because even with strong evidence people were just defending everything. Thats why i gave up essentially and started to play with bots myself lol

    I just posted the other thread due to a "legit player" friend who asked me to do so. I really couldnt care less anymore, i know who bots and who doesnt. And i took the time to explain how bots work (mostly for @Rainy)

    If you dont want to hear it/ understand it or whatever your case may be i dont mind. Keep on doing what you are doing!

  6. Wed Feb 1 03:59:10 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @Ra ; Believing what Maverick said I doubt there's much community left that's very against botting. For me personally it is becoming harder to not play with people I don't trust, because there are so few people left and so many I can't trust. Which seems valid if I read Mav's confession. So I have to admit I've become milder with my opinion, but by no mean I do support botting. I find it pretty sick that people are attacking other botters, while they know they are playing with bots themselves or hiding the secret of friends who are botting.

    The [SHOP] people make it really easy for themselves to become scapegoats everytime they are about to blame someone, simply on personal attacks, yet they probably know the most of bots in here. It would help if they would explain better (they may do it in PM to me aswell) on how to spot botters or about the mathias botting thread since I didn't understand half of what they wrote about the bots and failing.

    This just shows once again that if you come with no 100%-in-your-face prove that someone is cheating. Very few will believe you because there are people who will honestly not believe you, people who don't want to believe that their friends are botting, there will be people who wanna defend their friends and there will be people who will just troll you.

    But let's not exagerrate how many botters are playing atm. It isn't like the time when Godly was active and everyone wanted to pb like him. I personally thought that the last 2 months were relativly clean months of GvG. So I hope we can keep GvG clean of botting, even of the little sneaky bastards who might turn theirs on 3 times a match and I hope SHOP would explain me some more about their bots and why math is so retarded.

    Pretty much the circlejerk ive been talking about.

    Bots are pretty easy, well the shitty ones you guys have lol

    Basically a bot talks with the server faster than you can. For instance enemy monk casts HB; monk client sends signal to server "cast HB" ---> server sends signal to your exe; bot sees it before you can (since its usual rate is check every ~5ms if something is getting casted, depending on your script.) Now if you consider in ping and all that you can actually rupt 1/4 skills. Sadly your shitt bots cant do that since 99% of those are written in AutoIt which is outdated (not to mention the gwca/gwa2 source most use)

    Now to spot it bot is pretty easy if offtarget is enabable. What the bot basically does is, create a list of assays, run through that list (that you can preset in interrupts evolved btw. like skills "healingburst", "Word of healing) and as soon as that fucker pops up skill gets rupted. Now if offtarget is on you will do 180s and rupt target behind your back (which is impossible for a human, nor switching 3 targets that fast or focusing even).

    But thats the obvious shit.

    Now every bot has a failrate variable that you can set. If you want to be sneaky, leave it at 30-40%, so your guaranteed rupts WILL FAIL ON PURPOSE! Only to decieve of course...

    Now i guess most of the idiots here run the oldest version of interrupts evolved, where self defense (the calling of diversion via sound, bullsbot, autostance and auto weaponset-switch) is in the bot. That can lead to some mistakes alone since the script has to prioritize. If its coded badly (which most are) youll fuck up and will chain rupts. For instance youre about to eat a bulls, cancel your movement, and in the same damn time a healing burst is casted. You wont hit that shit and miss since your script has "priority 1 dodging bulls, but priority 2 is rupting. So rupt gets delayed via script and then misses".

    Now what Math did (i hope not that hes really that dumb, because that shit will destroy your RAM and HDD) is double inject or inject a broken exe. Its pretty much the same as i wrote it in b4. But worse!
    Like script 1 wants to pblock rc, script 2 wants to pdrain the guardian on the healmonk. Now both script run at the same time and stuck themselves. That means to make sure atleast one of your skills hits the bot cancels the other one (there were like 2-3 scenes like that esp.) Thats why you end up with faking skills mutltiple times (also if your bot is really bad and has no priority in skill arrangement).

    How to spot a bot is pretty easy based on that. You can enter a delay of rupting to make it less obvious (aka make the bot have a ping, which it usually does not have") But you will still rupt skills at 3/4 of a fast cast. (mostly RC, HB since they have special animations)

    Tl;dr: there is no fucking too long didnt read you fuckwit, read that shit.

  7. Tue Jan 31 10:04:20 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @MoskauMoskau LMAOOO
    you play pve 24/7 and staying afk in kamadan and showing your eotn maxed titles uninstall fucking fag

    Must be a fan that you observe me that much.

    Want to have my phone number too?

  8. Tue Jan 31 09:47:48 2017
    H hi im alex posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @Godly I got hold of quite fancy screenshot some days ago and since botting seems to be thing for this community, why not add this one to table too(who doesn't like the drama right?).


    I don't speak or understand German, so I asked 2 different people to translate it and asked multiple is it right. I'm pretty sure this translation is correct. I also I know these are just words and it isn't evidence of actual cheating. Also to anyone who wish to question is this screen fake, I still have original screen which is unedited. But really wtf Maverick??? Any comments? Also Sera and Mtown, got anything to say?

    Losing faith on this community completely...

    The translation is correct (and hes talking bout me lmao much love to you mav i know you wanted me to stay :*)

    Well ive been saying it forever but people keep bitching about it. Fuck your wannabe community youre not going to win one match vs the real botters.

    Gl farming pve items, thats the only thing you can do legit.

  9. Tue Jan 31 01:44:12 2017

    @JornF Rainy you do know this alex kid had been playing with botters since his name has been seen in the gvg scene. He has no credibility and his accusations about others botting will just be tossed out the window. No one really cares what this guy has to say about anyone botting.

    You are a bit retarded arent you? I played top 50 in 2009 and earlier and went inactive in 2012. Never won major shit only fucking semis over and over again.

    If you want to flame me do you research.

    But yeah its the circlejerk again. Instead of taking advice from someone who knows how this shit works you rather defend someone without knowing anything.

    Good job on being naive as fuck, you fuckwit.

  10. Mon Jan 30 09:46:50 2017

    @Ali The only thing that's hilarious is you.

    Look at the way you convey yourself you're one big joke

    Youre some kind of rare faggot.

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