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    Tue Sep 20 08:53:06 2016
    S Slippin started the conversation America.

    Where have all the American players/guilds gone?
    Come back and start playing this game again!

  2. Thu Sep 8 18:01:11 2016
    S Slippin posted in Introducing: The Pvp Lobby.

    Slippin On Sizzurp

  3. Wed Aug 31 07:56:12 2016
    S Slippin posted in GvG games commentaries.

    @Hamstorm Really helpful, can you keep it up?

    Agreed, please keep doing the commentating!

  4. Mon Aug 29 12:05:43 2016

    @Nick some great [VN] players are commentating matches

    Awesome job with the commentating guys!

  5. Fri Aug 26 20:12:50 2016


    @Athos I am open to organizing a second session a week (given that uni allows for it), but expect it to be difficult to keep alive, both for teachers and learners.

    I definitely see how this would be difficult to keep alive. If this came together, it would be amazing to see it done during hours that are closer to American times. (I know this is not likely to happen, just a wish)


    @Athos A basics course with personal assistance in general doesn't sound too bad though, definitely an option. What I however had in mind was doing something similar through videos instead (discussing for example weapon swapping, usage of skills for each bar, GvG mechanics). I find that the advantage of tutorials through videos is that everyone can re-watch them

    This is an amazing idea, please do this! :)

  6. Fri Aug 26 14:25:49 2016

    @Ra ; Only if you want it to be about teaching again. For the last months it has only been doing scrimmages. Which is what the majority of the people wanted to do anyways...

    Teaching a new player base is the only way to make GvG (Or any form of PvP) active again. The scrims last week were a blast, and I'm sure most people on these forums would just prefer scrims, but teaching is vital to guarantee an active future.

    There could be 2 days of teaching offered, if enough people are interested. (Or 2 different times on one day)
    First shift could be a GvG/PvP basics course, and the second would be scrimming.

  7. Fri Aug 26 13:43:50 2016

    @Athos I might post on the gw(2)guru as well, though same problem regarding an account.

    Good idea, I bet you would double your turn out if you did this. I joined you guys last weekend for the first time (I had a blast, thank you for doing this), and can't say I saw too many truly "new" people. For the most part people knew what was going on. Reaching out, past the QQ forums will draw in a much larger crowd. Plus you could link this forum, drawing more posters.

  8. Fri Aug 26 10:36:56 2016

    It might be a good idea to post this information on the Guild Wars subreddit. I bet you would get a bunch of new people from there.

  9. Fri May 27 06:59:40 2016
    S Slippin posted in Ep And Friends [GfG].

    @Neymar Jrrr Trash guild full of botters. Avoid them


    @JornF i think someones jealous.... lol

    Hi Jorn!

  10. Thu May 26 13:36:39 2016
    S Slippin posted in Ep And Friends [GfG].

    Hi Ep!

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