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  1. 4 days ago
    Sun Mar 19 16:04:11 2017
    S Sadness posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    Too bad if Mad fury was back maybe this game could see a little revival on competitive scene.

  2. 5 days ago
    Sat Mar 18 17:57:14 2017
    S Sadness posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    @K R S ;C H K R gz HDHR
    boring finals builds
    HD played some fine builds, I hope to see more like that next month
    gj one of the french squads in Playoffs
    core's match against bG was really enjoyable
    I hope the japanese players will be back next month, again!

    Since I'm completely clueless of what happened I have to ask. By any chance the people of SuperNova JpN came back to the game? >:3

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 2 12:06:31 2017
    S Sadness posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Zynkh mah bad dude. Hope you still stay on the game.

    @Godly shot a personal message on ya. Gimme your thoughts.

  4. Thu Feb 2 11:08:45 2017
    S Sadness posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Godly I see. Good to know Godly, thanks. Is there anyone beside Joe Kimmes that still lay a hand in this game?

    Also would mind giving me your though about something that had always been on my mind? I mean a question that I have always asked my self but never really saw any reasoning to answer it. Who knows, the best one to probably have a convincing answer might be you.

  5. Thu Feb 2 10:51:39 2017
    S Sadness posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Ra ; You can also make your own thread.

    Sad to hear Zynkh. Pretty low to steal someone's account.

    there is already too many. That Izzy guy was a constant figure though i remember him kissing Jatt and Chop balls all the time. Can't remember?

  6. Thu Feb 2 10:37:25 2017
    S Sadness posted in Dear Accolade, .

    I'm going to hijack your thread for other purpose.

    Does anyone know what happened to that "Izzy" guy that was responsible for the PvP balance in Guild Wars? Does he still exist/play/etc? Also does anyone know what happened to the Test Krewe that fatty Gaile created? Wondering about it.

  7. Wed Feb 1 10:43:37 2017
    S Sadness posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @Godly Also as sidenote, I have been talking with Arenanet recently and I got best replies from them since 2011. Obviously it's regarding about cheating.


    Can ya dig a little more please? Curious as a nosy neighbor at the sound of a gunshot

  8. Tue Jan 31 19:05:19 2017
    S Sadness posted in Yet another botting drama?.



  9. Tue Jan 31 15:34:56 2017

    @Punisher zero ^ might be the next guy. Although i'm controlling my urge. Watching LaG playing Necroway today really pounded my heart.

  10. Tue Jan 31 13:34:35 2017
    S Sadness posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    Honestly part is to blame the drama bitches from the community itself, who take this game far too serious. Most of these fuckers tend to use bots so they won't be bashed the shit out of their souls by other guildies if they fail at a crucial time.

    If someone plays a PB mesmer and miss the rupts (40% of the time) regardless of their ping or even if they warned the team in advance that he or she can't excel in that position, the guild tend to lovingly crucify this individual because of a fuckin' match that went wrong or he didn't perform well.

    Same thing will happen for a monk that keeps eating bulls, and so on. So what do they do? They resource to that (bots).

    Honestly that's why PvP on Guild Wars has always been so toxic environment making people ditch this part of the game so easily. Which leads to this state of the game today.

    I pity those who are learning or new that take a role such as splitting alone for example. One tiny little mistake and you are fucking done. Couldn't hold the footies alive?! You are incompetent. You demand some help? Incompetent. You are too scarred to say something on TS because you know they will eat your ass despite the scenario? Incompetent, should have voiced either way. Got a DS on the WoH?! Get your business done, couldn't care less.

    If people took a different approach on this (playing for pleasure not mental pressure) things would run smoothly.

    Needless to say that if that happens twice you might as well not be called anymore because the so called "pro's" think you suck.

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