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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 9 17:12:59 2017

    @Ariana Thank you so much for the words - @Sellous @Motoko

    I just wanna say that by medical standards: 6ft and 135lbs you would be considered 'medically' malnourished But I wish you health and happiness @Sistrens


  2. Thu Mar 9 16:57:57 2017

    @SISTRENS ^maybe when I see a pic of your degree I'll take what you say into any consideration. Until then I'll stick to the plan made by my nutritionist. Apparently my hunt for an older man must keep going lmao

    /thread is over ariana isn't fat, you're in desperate need of an intervention you anorexic diet thumping retard.

  3. Thu Mar 9 16:51:18 2017

    @SISTRENS ^hunty I literally follow a diet made by a professional. I don't lift at all cause I have different goals, I go to the gym very casually and mostly for cardio anyway cuz that's what I need to be doing. you can stay mad with your googled shit lel I'll stick to professionals ^_^

    No professional is going to advise somebody to weigh 135 lbs or less at 6 ft even if their goal isn't to gain muscle mass. You are crazily malnourished whether you believe it or not. Get help man. Your diet is retarded, makes absolutely no sense, and you have deluded yourself into believing you couldn't make your own diet and be healthy. All you need to do is count calories, distribute macros, and hit your micros. You are in dire need of help if you are serious about your weight and height. And delusional to call out somebody else. Also please link the diet so anybody else here who understand nutrition can say you've been conned! LMFAO

  4. Thu Mar 9 16:44:29 2017

    @SISTRENS ^ I actually go to the gym but nice try lel

    Lawl little awkward bro lifting 5 lb dumbbells in the squat rack ye we know u go to the gym i see kids like you all the time. no healthy 6 ft 135lb male actively makes gains or engages in physical activity without adverse effects to the body. you going to the gym with such a deficit will fuck your body up long term but please continue!

  5. Thu Mar 9 16:41:35 2017

    @SISTRENS ^135ish but I'm over 6ft

    that's fucking gross dude and you have the audacity to even talk about her weight? learn to count calories, distribute macros, and go to the gym you sad little man.

  6. Thu Mar 9 16:34:52 2017

    @SISTRENS Excuse you, I am not "normal" I am slim. I'm a branded twink. I do think she's slightly overweight though, nothing traumatic of course.

    how much do you weigh? 120-130 lbs?

  7. Thu Mar 9 15:20:43 2017

    Wtf call each other a bot or shit or don't post at all ty.

  8. Tue Mar 7 18:07:27 2017
    Sellous posted in Official shitposting thread.

    @Motoko I feel like the IGN should be attached with the forum name in some way. QQ has its shit posting history, but you all had good intentions when it was rebooted in this format. I'd say its in your best interest to forge ahead with that intent.

    Ye let's do that and also add a bot/cheater tag to ppl pls. I don't mind remaking with a character tied to my acc. I also would love to see those who have aids having it displayed.

  9. Tue Mar 7 06:35:19 2017
    Sellous posted in Official shitposting thread.

    @Honk Lynie once accused me of using a zoombot... Am I in the clear?

    Anybody who selflessly creates gofundme pages for the less fortunate should be in the clear.

  10. Mon Mar 6 17:58:45 2017
    Sellous posted in Official shitposting thread.

    Ye and add *bot/cheater* title to those who have been caught pls so we can spare our genome from aids.

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