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  1. 6 months ago
    Tue Jun 6 07:14:26 2017
    M Town posted in HD - LF 1 Midline/Front.

    Oh boii! I saw you brought Pubg. Hit me up for some Duos or Squad Plays :)

    Good luck for the mat tho :)

  2. 7 months ago
    Fri Apr 21 07:11:45 2017
    M Town posted in lf mat.

    Most annoying player left in the game!
    Be careful getting that guy on your teamspeak.

    Good luck <3

    PS: he´s not to bad tho

  3. 8 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:27:10 2017
    Godly changed M Town's group to Member.
  4. 11 months ago
    Thu Dec 15 13:43:45 2016

    As the titel says! BRAT stomping all the "high guilds" (P U N C H A C T) in 6 mins today.
    Thats why they decided to start the "alternative" teaching scrims at their guild hall tomorrow.

    For more information pm: P U N C H A C T (incase he´s not hiding offline being scared off a discussion)

    TURN UP!

  5. last year
    Tue Nov 22 11:39:57 2016
    M Town posted in pug ally/zzz.

    @Anubis Hello, I am a RA player from the [OG] guild and from what I heard @Lam3rz you do bot on and sync on multiple accounts with different names.

    Not getting in this discussion.. since not givin a fuck.
    BUT botting is just boring and it will always destroy games. "if it helps i say it in the camera directly.. STOP IT. STOP IT.

    + Lamerz incase you are that guy guesting in Done... get a doge bot aswell.. you got Shard Stormed from i dont know where... haha

  6. Sun Sep 18 02:32:58 2016
    M Town started the conversation Selling Colored Trim 550e.

    As the title says. Wsp me ing. M Town Cba

  7. Sat Aug 20 01:42:50 2016

    @luv: i realy likw that commentary. newer people should tske a look at it. Even though i want to mention that the mainteam needs to call incase the enemy team is dualflagging. Since your runner wilm have a hard time seeing it, when he is getting camped or back in base.

  8. Fri Aug 12 02:27:19 2016
    M Town posted in Lynie pls teach.

    @RealZurrie You have won nothing Jorn and you're not even carryable. I have won 25 mAT's and completely changed the game, constantly innovating. Don't speak. You are worthless.

    Sometimes I feel like what if zurrie is just the biggest troll Gw has ever seen...
    But then i get on his teamspeak and realize: nop he's fuckin serious and i'm leaving it directly.

  9. Thu Aug 4 01:24:30 2016

    I heard it was possible to travel to ta and hb.. its still in the game.. somebody with good connection should ask them to open the gates again :D

  10. Wed Aug 3 00:58:04 2016

    i hope the hacker muted all these syncer and cheater...
    I guess such a big troll has GW never seen!
    We should make a list about changes that happened.
    Sadly i missed that moment aswell :/

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