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  1. 7 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:33:35 2017
    Godly changed ska la's group to Member.
  2. 9 months ago
    Fri Jan 27 04:33:14 2017

    Thanks, updated post and OP

  3. Wed Jan 25 21:26:15 2017

    Happy Australia Day everyone!!!

    Casual Scrim Saturday

    We will be starting after the C-AT ends, keep an eye on Tolkano to see if its a 3 or 4 round AT.

    When: Sat, Jan 28th around 9:45PM CET/8:45PM GMT/3:45PM EST/12:45PM PST (Google 'CET to my time' to be sure)
    Meet: QQ guild hall (pm "Eryn Isilya" for guest invite)
    Builds: TBA (Banned: Wastrels / Zurrie Dervs)
    Flux: No flux this month to worry about!
    Map: TBA
    Organisers: Eryn, Shisha

  4. Wed Jan 25 01:53:33 2017

    I can help out with Sat if needed. Anyone want to partner up with me, be my friend and share camping stories?

  5. 10 months ago
    Sat Jan 21 08:03:01 2017

    In prediction that people will want to find scrims between MAT matches...

    When you want to organise unrated challenges/scrims between rounds in an AT or MAT, but don't have anyone's IGN...

  6. Thu Jan 19 21:22:05 2017


    I still have 1 midline learner spot open. The only learner I have currently not given a spot is Ska La, since I couldn't fit him on the backline anymore, and I wasn't sure if he is ok with playing or frontline.

    Sure, I'll be learner non-twitch mid.

    Hi @sera, want to be friends?

  7. Wed Jan 11 05:06:34 2017
    ska la started the conversation Team Quitter Discord: Join for GvG Scrims.

    When it is Friday night, you have no money to go out, so decide to play the AT, and want to find a group....
    When you want to organise unrated challenges/scrims between rounds in an AT or MAT, but don't have anyone's IGN...
    When you want to leave messages for a friend in game, but they feel asleep at keyboard, their ear pressing "alt" and their nose pressing "F4"...
    When you are so popular that you have maxed out your in-game friends list which ANet restricted, because they never predicted you would be so popular...
    When you want to join Teaching Scrims, are confused about timezones, and want to play guild wars 2 while you wait about...(Add me to your gw2 /f list: Skaddles)
    When you want to joined Banned Battles, but don't have a team, because you might have been drunk last time and said something nasty to your team mates...
    When you have nothing better to do, than complain about how people report you in RA, but you'd prefer to play GvG...

  8. Mon Jan 9 02:03:11 2017

    IGN: Ska La
    Current guild: [chmp]
    Teacher/Learner: Learner
    Normal main role(s): Flagger
    IGN of a player you would really want to be in a team with: Scary Sebby, Woman in Red Dress, Dog Swag, Butters

  9. Sun Jan 1 04:13:26 2017

    IGN: Ska La
    Timezone: AEST
    Roles: Runner, non-twitch midline
    Guild: n/a
    Guest for AT?: yes

    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? Yes
    Teacher or Learner?: Learner
    What I want to learn: Match Strat, Skirmish Tacts, Runner, non-twitch midline

    @Ra What about using pug's discord channel for this aswell?

    I'm open to re-purposing that discord for wider use. Currently has about 50 people, but not many regulars.

  10. Sun Jan 1 04:05:38 2017
    ska la posted in nick lf mat.

    Definately one of the top 6 aussie players. The others being myself, Daryl Braithwaite, Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi, Jeff Fatt, and Johanna Griggs (pre-life-as-commentator).

    @Cutbanthium Rides kangaroos? Nah...this guy is so strong, the kangaroos ride ~him.

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