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  1. 9 months ago
    Sun Feb 19 12:39:05 2017
    R Realist_Player posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    This circle jerk is real. Stop sucking each other's cock.

  2. last year
    Mon Dec 5 05:36:05 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in Qekz botting?.

    Botters confirm

  3. Mon Dec 5 05:35:30 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in [WORK] Reform for December.

    Shit guild

  4. Sat Nov 26 19:36:38 2016
    R Realist_Player started the conversation Qekz botting?.

    So, I were playing random arena and most match that I played, other players were saying Qekz bots and alts? Are they the new botting guild? Makes sense because almost everyone bots in random arena now.

  5. Wed Sep 28 08:51:05 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in Zynkh Does A Lutz.

    HAHAHA so? All he has to do is do a "public apologize letter" and all you dumbfucks will just forgive. Then suck each others' cock. HAHA stupid fucks

  6. Thu Sep 22 17:17:19 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in [WoT] LF Midline - last minute MAT.

    Anyone know where I can find some thick juicy black pussies? Not fat but thick. Thanks in advance. Drop me some digits.

  7. Thu Sep 15 07:40:12 2016

    Talk about sucking someone's cock. Go get fuck by a pole. You're welcome.

  8. Thu Sep 15 07:38:55 2016

    Good luck with finding any decent monks! Most if not all are shit with huge ego and no skills to back it up.

  9. Thu Sep 15 07:30:10 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in QeKz false reporting for leecher.

    @Elsa Disney Frozen Maybe you can stfu, retard. Nobody asked you your opinion. If you don't care, why the fuck are you even here then replying? I already sent a pm to a mod asking if it's possible to delete my posts and delete this account. Stop replying now and you'll be rid of me in no time.

    Let's see if your tiny underdeveloped brain can manage just that. I doubt it, but surprise me!

    And the dumbass keeps coming back. I applaud you for taking idiocy to a new heigh.

  10. Thu Sep 15 07:14:12 2016
    R Realist_Player posted in QeKz false reporting for leecher.

    @Elsa Disney Frozen Edit: In short: staying for 23 rounds in that team after freaking out under the assumption I bot while I wasn't even botting, I rest my case.

    But sure, blame it all on me now.

    I'm so fcking done with this shit.
    This became worse than a crappy drama soap on prime time TV.

    I request a mod/admin of this board to terminate my account as there is no such feature to do it myself.
    Please delete this account and all of its posts. Thank you!

    Oh stfu already. You're on here crying about RA and now that you've made yourself look like a total idiot, you want to delete all your retard evidence of how stupid idiotic you are. You're such a fucken idiot. Go get fuck by a pole. You're welcome.

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