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  1. 9 months ago
    Fri Feb 10 08:31:07 2017
    Yoshi posted in Spartan lf mAT/guild.

    nice guy, gl!

  2. 10 months ago
    Sun Jan 22 14:10:09 2017

    IGN: Mia Mmhhmm
    Current guild: -
    Teacher/Learner: Teacher
    Normal main role(s): Flagger, infuse, prot, no interrupt midline
    IGN of a player you would really want to be in a team with: -

  3. Fri Jan 20 04:03:14 2017
    Yoshi posted in Mia Mmhhmm lf MAT.

    got a guild for tomorrow

  4. Mon Jan 16 14:53:18 2017
    Yoshi posted in Mia Mmhhmm lf MAT.

    @MoskauMoskau is it a joke?


  5. Sun Jan 15 10:10:26 2017
    Yoshi posted in Mia Mmhhmm lf MAT.

    lf mat spot in january

    no interrupt midline

    ingame: Mia Mmhmm

  6. last year
    Wed Sep 21 22:39:45 2016

    @Zynkh The time-zones make things harder, hehe.

    Edit: Also, we decided to give Fisto some credit, the guy played every AT in WoT through the month and it's not like we decided to bench him for the semi-finals/finals, he just had to go.

    I played the whole september and october in your guild and you, Maverick and Luv benched me 1 hour before the mat without even telling me. I almost couldn't find a team to play with. You would have done the same to fisto if you could have gotten someone slightly better.

    Thx to pleb for letting me play with them.

    GZ Fisto for gold!

  7. Wed Sep 7 06:45:38 2016

    @Max I want to know whats the best TEAMBUILD atm + which PLAYER would you choose.

    1. Warrior - Fallen Warrior
    2. Necto - No Arty No Party
    3. Mes - Mind Maze
    4. Monk - Xx Sr Noob Monk Xx

    I'm curious about your Ideas!

    Including botting players?

  8. Thu Sep 1 23:30:03 2016

    @Realist_Player Let me sum that up for you: stop being a bitch

    Just face the truth.

    @Incognito24 fk that he doesnt own GW... hes ruining RA... RA is the most active pvp in the game and hes killing it.. im not going to sit back and let this happen

    What are u going to do about?

  9. Thu Sep 1 23:25:26 2016

    Yeah because there is no way to deal with that. Zurrie has always been like that since i started playing again. He ruined like ~30 % of my RA games. So u can just stop playing RA like i did or stop crying and deal with it.

  10. Thu Sep 1 23:17:42 2016

    Just stop playing RA, only botters, cheaters and syncers there.

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