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  1. 9 months ago
    Mon Feb 13 10:14:23 2017

    Hey Honors!! How you doing! It's been a long time (It's me, the singer Ivan) :P .

    In the past played/traded with this guy and is totally trustworthy =)

  2. Fri Jan 27 13:28:55 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Tequila i'm working this week end, but you can wisp any of the guild when you'll be connected bro.

    (Lego Unspoken / Monky Get Dhumm or Team Fail )

    Still wanna a spot as war right ?

    Ye ofc!! Saturday night Ill join =)

  3. Wed Jan 25 13:03:23 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Tequila i saw you online this afternoon, wisp you but the guy said "who's speaking" so apparently not you lol

    Yes.. Some times Victor (My best friend) is logging my acc to farm ectos and do some stuff so w/e . Also if u have a whatsapp or facebook group would be great to be in xD . Ill be tomorrow morning around 11:30-12:00

  4. Wed Jan 25 12:03:39 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Tequila Fuse prot or flag , maybe front if want

    Btw, Im working until 00:00 until Friday (Friday included) . I think thats why we are not meeting, but anyway I'm in. Cya saturday =)

  5. Wed Jan 25 11:58:11 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Ishtli Care who you join. With so many bots or open bot supporters roaming about, you should first ask around who's actually legit - CW (from where the guy trying to recruit you is) are sadly not one of them. Open bot supporters, playing with bots in both gvg and HA, as well as RA (particularly miru, while fisto is just a random poop bot they picked along the way).
    You have been warned.

    I know pretty well some of the CW people and they were/are legit people, at least they were last time I've played with them. But thank you anyway for the advice! =)

  6. Wed Jan 25 02:52:32 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Tequila Fuse prot or flag , maybe front if want

    Pref prot of front if possible, If not its ok. We talk in game then =)

  7. Wed Jan 25 02:51:55 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Maverick i remember that we were playing in SEA or something with sancti a few months back ! was a fun time bud!

    Yeyy! Thats correct! What about Sancti? Is my german lover ok?

  8. Tue Jan 24 15:56:56 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    It is Lineback Ayowa plus I have to leave the guild I am atm. So I'll do it tomorrow morning, not at home atm XD

  9. Tue Jan 24 14:51:33 2017
    Ayowa posted in Ayowa LF HOME.

    @Tequila Come back in guild bro we have a slot for you this mounth :)

    Aight! What u got for me :P (What should I play xD)

  10. Tue Jan 24 12:58:31 2017
    Ayowa started the conversation Ayowa LF HOME.

    Hello there guys,

    After having a long break I've been reading the forum and I've decided to come back and have some nostalgic moments. I would like to be adopted by any guild, I don't really care about high or low level guilds anymore, but active ones, just wanna play. I can play anything, mainly frontline or prot.

    ADD: I love singing so if you adopt me you must be ready and agree to hear me singing every match countdown, even If I destroy your ears.

    Best regards :D

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