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  1. 6 days ago
    Mon Dec 4 14:12:43 2017

    Playing Rust and Overwatch mainly, soon its about to be nothing for a while. ^.^

  2. last week
    Thu Nov 30 14:18:19 2017
    JornF started the conversation Left without saying goodbye...

    Left Guild Wars without saying bye to people. Game is uninstalled as is GW2... Its been an interesting experience. So whoever is left have fun!! OH.. and see yuh nerds!!!

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 16 14:29:33 2017
    JornF posted in Need 1 for October mat .

    might be hard :/ , good luck though!

  4. 2 months ago
    Tue Oct 3 08:52:47 2017
    JornF posted in GW Is Sexist.

    Who are you referring to about the Warrior using other weapons? Scythe war is fuckin strong... just sayin' lol...

  5. 3 months ago
    Fri Sep 8 10:33:36 2017
    JornF started the conversation Map Rotation.

    Can someone post map rotation and then lock this post ? :D That way someone can search for this and find the map rotation quickly.

  6. Fri Aug 18 09:44:20 2017

    on my way home now!! I'll be able to make it :D

  7. Fri Aug 18 05:10:02 2017

    trying to get home in time , still not sure though. Fingers crossed :/

  8. Thu Aug 17 09:07:12 2017

    @Honk well well well what a surprise. jorns gonna magically appear in another guild come mat day once again

    No this time you wont see me at all unless someone really wants to be an imposter :/ .

  9. Wed Aug 16 12:01:20 2017

    ya I cant make it :(

  10. Mon Aug 14 17:06:06 2017

    I hope one of you sees this. I may or may not be able to mAT won't know til tomorrow or Wednesday :/

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