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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon Jul 17 09:27:36 2017
    JornF posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    pretty sure Rudi is trolling with that post lol

  2. Sat Jul 8 13:49:49 2017
    JornF posted in [pce] - July mAT.

    ah ok

  3. Fri Jul 7 12:38:41 2017
    JornF posted in [pce] - July mAT.

    moo prottin again?!

  4. Wed Jul 5 09:48:25 2017
    JornF posted in Goldcape players flame..

    @Fisto atleast lets end this conversation. i start streaming

    I know this is old but.... The best way to play. I find it enjoyable to play prot for example and trying to improve on it. I know im not the best by any means, but the best part about this game is sucking and getting better at it. Watching your progress show in your play as you practice more and more. I dont see how people would enjoy botting or cheating for that matter, in any way.

  5. Mon Jul 3 04:34:56 2017

    enough said i guess lol

  6. Sun Jul 2 21:00:14 2017

    @BoiMax i quit gw forever - Jorn every month
    i should be on for mAT - Jorn every month

    can you tell me who you are so i can properly reply to you?! ;)

  7. Sun Jul 2 08:37:52 2017

    ok i should be on, mAT day. Also let me know when you want to send an invite.

  8. Fri Jun 30 07:29:19 2017

    when is July mAT ill try and be on for it if i can :/

  9. Sun Jun 25 05:03:09 2017

    good luck bud!

  10. 4 months ago
    Sun Jun 18 05:33:56 2017

    maybe if Ra was at stand at some point in the finals match you could have killed them :/. Weird build choice imo

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