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  1. 8 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 04:42:35 2017
    Luv started the conversation 8v8/6v6 Scrim sessions.

    8v8 Scrims at bG hall. 4pm GMT. PM Hear Me Howling, I Teh Spartan I or Luv Of The Trees if you need a guest invite. Everyone welcome

    Gonna use this thread when we organise more in the future, in case some of yall are still not on QQ's discord

  2. Fri Mar 31 11:06:08 2017
    Luv posted in 4v4 Play.

    We are hosting 8v8 scrims one hour before AT today at bG gh

  3. Thu Mar 23 07:43:10 2017
    Luv posted in bG lf 4 players.

    Alright I'm not worth pm'ing apparently
    lf guild

  4. Sat Mar 18 08:10:04 2017
    Luv started the conversation bG lf 2.

    Need a fuse for the first 3 or 4 rounds and a front
    pm me or Hear Me Howling

  5. 9 months ago
    Fri Mar 10 03:18:26 2017

    Testing Zurrie derv against all kinds of characters, duh.

  6. Sat Feb 25 12:26:27 2017
    Luv posted in Luv lf guild.

    Not french anymore tho

  7. Sat Feb 25 12:22:22 2017
    Luv posted in Luv lf guild.

    Lf guild as non-rupt midline or any backline position. Can't play anything else well cuz Mac + student corridor connection
    Last guild: yolo

  8. Thu Feb 23 05:51:14 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    Here's what I got:

    The Scary Flaggy, to scare those cocky splitters and pushers on the heavy-split maps in March:

    SoDominator, just for the fun:

    The Spearosaurus, tanky as fuck and heavy dmg. Lsurge cunts, bring it on:

    Apply para, I stole that from someone in this thread, but this flux makes it even cooler:

    Imbue Surge, for annoying flag pushers on your flagger, helpless solo monks at stand an what not:

    More to come

  9. Thu Feb 23 05:02:00 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    or what about 4 zurrie dervs honk?

  10. Thu Feb 23 04:52:43 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    Any fancy March flux bars guys?

    ps: march flux= +2 to secondary profession attribs

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