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  1. 5 months ago
    Sat Apr 15 11:12:19 2017
    sync posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    @Rainy Who won?


  2. Sun Apr 2 06:34:25 2017
    Godly changed sync's group to Member.
  3. 6 months ago
    Sat Mar 18 12:17:44 2017
    sync posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    Everyone who likes anime is a faggot.

  4. Wed Mar 15 07:04:07 2017
    sync posted in 4v4 Play.

    @Stark It doesn't work because no one wants to run his PC 24 7


  5. Wed Mar 1 16:10:33 2017
    sync posted in [PZZZ] LF More BYOBers.

    pls no XD

  6. Mon Feb 27 15:44:41 2017

    Welcome back :P Too bad I can't play on wednesdays :S

  7. 7 months ago
    Fri Feb 24 13:31:55 2017
    sync posted in Rainy (prot) LF Guild .

    @Rainy This thread is far more positive than I expected.

    I love you all and will be sending each and everyone of you flowers.

    gl, you have a strong fanbase!

  8. Thu Feb 23 08:58:19 2017
    sync posted in Build Thread.

    @Ra ; r/a assault enchantment @sync

    haha, too bad execution sucked XD

  9. Tue Feb 21 10:25:21 2017
    sync posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @holye Daily reminder that EDGE beat HDHR in playoffs with SW spike ele.

    That was glorious, 1 of the most entertaining matches I ever obsed.

  10. Tue Feb 21 10:00:24 2017
    sync posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @hi im alex It was me marc and 2 random fellas plus SHOP essentially. We had no "legit hurr durr" player.

    Our backline fucked up in playoffs, also the camping hamwar on me as a ranger was a dealbreaker as well.

    Still the autism is strong. We basically random'd the mAT and still whooped your ass 5/0. Shouldve swapped builds tho.

    Keep circlejerking, next month is going to be harder for you cunts.

    No more love, no xoxo, just plain hate for you all.

    You implementing map movement bot for all the next months split maps?

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