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  1. 7 months ago
    Sat Apr 15 01:11:45 2017
    Godly started the conversation 2017 April Monthly.

    I guess I should write some (ir)relevant stuff like gl & hf here. I hope people would stream/record a lot, because it's always nice to obs matches from different pov rather from obs. Also too bad this flux doesn't open so much for creativity, although we have seen some fancy builds(perhaps people prove me wrong?).

    If you're planning to win, better read the threatsheet for optimal flag tactics.

    Ps. I made this thread early this time(can start drinking now).
    Pps. Honk sucks.

  2. Thu Apr 13 23:50:22 2017
    Godly posted in Flag Tactics.

    Thanks Rennie, you're the best.

  3. Sat Apr 8 15:09:16 2017

    ^fixed your link.

  4. Sun Apr 2 07:45:49 2017
    Godly posted in QQ forums.

    As promised I made some changes for alt accounts. Basically you need to prove someway that you're real person playing this game or have played this game. I made preliminary list of people who are white listed for now, this was done manually so I might have missed you or w/e. Anyhow if you aren't white listed the only area you can post or even make threads is drama . If you want posting rights on other areas, you either make a post at drama(private is fine with mods only), come to Discord or pm any mod in game. Also Drama section is invisible without account, so random visitor don't need to see that bullshit. Also you can hide it yourself, if you wish so.

    Also from now on, we will enforce more stricter moderation. This means if you want your drama thread, post at Drama section and moderation will still be non-existent. Other areas will be modded more strictly and if you make stupid thread, it will be moved or locked accordingly.

    Current forum tree looks like this .

    This is still general, basically post anything here that doesn't belong to any other areas.

    New GvG only area, sub sections: Quality Monthlies Teaching Banned Battles

    New section for RA, Organised 4v4(TA) and Codex?

    As it was said, non-existent moderation(basically same as now). You can only post here without approval and it's invisible for guests.

    Same as before, sub sections: LFG and LFP

    This is new section, dunno if we even need it tbh. However post your buying and selling at here from now on, trim selling also.

    This is same as before with all same sub sections.


    Perhaps with these changes we can have more structured discussions and make forums more alive again. Also if you act like an idiot we won't ban you, but rather just remove your posting rights :) Feel free to give comments regarding and complains from alts goes here .

    PS. Mostly people I know and I can tell who they're, were white listed for now and some others. Oh and obviously you can still read everything with account.

  5. Thu Mar 23 07:51:55 2017
    Godly posted in bG lf 4 players.

    I wouldn't pm Luv either.

    ps. gl

  6. 8 months ago
    Sat Mar 18 10:15:09 2017
    Godly posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    I have seen 3 of those.

  7. Sat Mar 18 09:11:34 2017
    Godly posted in 2017 March Monthly.

    I was in Sauna and then I forgot, blame the Rum :)

  8. Tue Mar 14 10:53:08 2017
    Godly posted in QQ forums.

    Also this is in effect as from now on: http://teamquitter.com/index.php/1311-please-read-if-you-are-looking-for-love/p6#p14388

  9. Sat Mar 4 11:38:05 2017


    need someone to post anime gifs over there.

    Sidenote, would need some extra mods over at Discord.

  10. Fri Mar 3 08:53:31 2017


    Join u idiot.

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