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    Wed Jun 28 23:24:16 2017
    Zynkh posted in ProjectSCRAMS.

    @K R S ;C H K R Ask Luv. He's already practicing to reach this new level of experience.

    Not really at all, think he's bored of pve by now, I mean, he defeated Wings of Change in HM, serious achievement right there.

  2. last week
    Sun Jun 18 11:46:03 2017
    Zynkh posted in 2017 June mAT.

    Congrats to SHOP for their gold trim!

    The proof on how XXY got demolished.

  3. Thu Jun 15 15:05:41 2017
    Zynkh posted in WoT June.

    We had Miru 2 days ago and he was in Marc's PvE guild (he's in chmp now), but if you want to create some gossip then Eraziel played with Fisto today in sP.

    What's your point on all of this anyway? Games already dead, way more than before.

  4. Thu Jun 15 12:38:58 2017
    Zynkh posted in WoT June.

    Turns out Mav can't mAT, so we need anything at this point.

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Wed May 31 11:32:37 2017
    Zynkh started the conversation WoT June.

    Hi, need 1


  6. 5 weeks ago
    Mon May 22 08:47:04 2017
    Zynkh posted in RA Hack.

    idk her tbh

  7. Thu May 18 11:07:57 2017
    Zynkh posted in RA Hack.

    Sorry I just wanted my glad 12.

  8. Thu May 18 11:06:46 2017
    Zynkh posted in [chmp] Recruits gvg players.

    Try asking @FedEx - Overseer Harry

  9. 2 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 10:57:19 2017
    Zynkh posted in Hi?.


  10. Sun Apr 2 06:35:30 2017
    Godly changed Zynkh's group to Member.
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