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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 17 10:47:29 2017

    @SISTRENS better go afk after reading this thread tbh

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 9 21:38:13 2017

    Mexicans indeed.

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 2 14:13:07 2017
    Zynkh posted in Dear Accolade, .

    Oh and I never stole shit from anyone, @antzjeh gave me one of his alt infos (Jonas) years ago and I didn't take shit or botted on it, Ep gave me Nates info years ago too.

    You're just a sad boy.

  4. Thu Feb 2 14:09:09 2017
    Zynkh posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Accolade You've been saying you don't care about this game for years....just cut it out buddy...

    Yep, because I truly don't care fam, I'm not the one who pms people about how sad the community is now only because you never had a chance to play with decent people, only because everyone annexed you even before me, [DW], [WoT], my guilds, etc.

    Trust me, I'm not the one who pms about how sad people real lifes are, let's say you talked about Honk, Ali, Nick, Butters, almost everyone. Why? Because they never allowed you to play for em', because they kept saying how shit you are at this game.

    just cut it out buddy...either way have fun maybe you can be succesful in real life now

    and I don't need to post anything about my wealth online I know what I have....

    I'm sure its way more than 90% of this games population.

    xd ok

    If you didn't steal any of my items then why when I log on to get my eblade back it was gone?

    Your e-blade was right there, guess you didn't take the time to check everything, oh well.

    And of course Im accused of botting after I let you use my account, but never was before..unlike yourself...where there is recorded proof

    @JornF In gfg last month what did he play? Ele.. did he play mesmer or ranger at all? No .. .. He was put on non rupt roles for that very reason because he did bot in the past. That was a guild decision (including zynkh) as a whole to have him on such roles instead. There werent any issues.

    ????? wat

    Enjoy the account xd means nothing to me.

  5. Thu Feb 2 13:51:40 2017
    Zynkh posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Accolade Darn. What a shame...I guess you forgot to mention the items you stole from my account(that you said you borrowed)....and as well after I let you borrow my account cause no one in the game will let you play for them you also botted on it. I guess you forget to mention both of those things...oh well sucks 2 suck. I wish I cared. Not to mention the countless times you flamed me/benched me/etc then when you were annexed from the community you wanted to be my friend again. But yeah like I said, I didn't even take anything from your account just deleted your shit after I found out you were botting on my account and stole my items after you said you borrowed them. Pz faggot


    Which items did I take from your account? I only took 1 e-blade and I said ''If you need it back it's fine''. Botting? How the heck am I suppose to bot on ele? I only used your account for the mAT, I don't even play RA anymore, now you're just making things up.

    Plenty of people had my password, Nick, Luv, even Ep had it, and they didn't act like complete dickheads like you, not even when Sync caught me botting 2 times.

    Yeah, I benched you plenty of times because most of the people didn't want to play with you, even after the blacklist, everyone was like ''Accolade just complains/flames/cries all the time and he's terrible, can we bench him?''.

    This game means nothing to me, it's dead and I just play it for fun, you in the other hand, pay real life money (in before I make 1000000k a year and post my flight tickets on a dead game forum) to boost your self esteem.

    tl;dr I don't care about what you did, it's just hilarious.

  6. Thu Feb 2 10:12:28 2017
    Zynkh started the conversation Dear Accolade, .

    If you needed my account or money you just had to tell me, I don't know why you deleted my characters and changed my pasaword aka got hacked, seems like you still care a lot for this game.

    Game was fun fam xd.

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 31 23:12:45 2017
    Zynkh posted in Yet another botting drama?.


    Dear God, not another thread about me.


    Leave me alone already.

  8. Mon Jan 30 10:09:42 2017

    @holye Hey all,

    I found today's lessons in flag pushing quite difficult to teach. Even in tactically superior positions, there was an obstacle in taking advantage of the situation.

    I think there is a double layer in difficulty with flag pushing that requires focus on the macro and micro plays of the players that isn't there in 8v8 builds.

    There may be a chance to improve the teaching of this type of playstyle to better ease learners into its complexity.

    One possible idea is to maybe alternate between 8v8 gameplay and flag push gameplay. The idea here would be that 8v8 gameplay would focus on how to utilize the bars to kill with minimal flag running, which would allow the learners to better take advantage of tactically superior positions when flags start being pushed.

    Any other feedback/ideas are welcome!

    Yesterday I attended to the teaching scrims, my team had 3 teachers (Hemo, Phil and Mize - then Ra), things went great, we had no issues between flag pusshing/getting pushed, even the team pushed correctly when no one called anything and when we got pushed we just collapsed the right things and no one raged/yelled when we died/did things wrong.

    From a learner perspective (mine), I don't think you need to work on flag pushing tactics, you just have to be clear sometimes, draw things on map, call the # of your learner, be repetitive, etc.

  9. Sat Jan 28 14:21:36 2017

    Pm'd you.'

  10. 2 months ago
    Sat Jan 21 07:23:16 2017
    Zynkh started the conversation Aka The Bot mAT.

    Hi, hungover mexican lf mat.


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