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    Tue Feb 21 09:25:09 2017
    H hi im alex posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Motoko Do we know what players were playing for HEIL?

    It was me marc and 2 random fellas plus SHOP essentially. We had no "legit hurr durr" player.

    Our backline fucked up in playoffs, also the camping hamwar on me as a ranger was a dealbreaker as well.

    Still the autism is strong. We basically random'd the mAT and still whooped your ass 5/0. Shouldve swapped builds tho.

    Keep circlejerking, next month is going to be harder for you cunts.

    No more love, no xoxo, just plain hate for you all.

  2. 10 months ago
    Tue Jan 31 01:44:12 2017

    @JornF Rainy you do know this alex kid had been playing with botters since his name has been seen in the gvg scene. He has no credibility and his accusations about others botting will just be tossed out the window. No one really cares what this guy has to say about anyone botting.

    You are a bit retarded arent you? I played top 50 in 2009 and earlier and went inactive in 2012. Never won major shit only fucking semis over and over again.

    If you want to flame me do you research.

    But yeah its the circlejerk again. Instead of taking advice from someone who knows how this shit works you rather defend someone without knowing anything.

    Good job on being naive as fuck, you fuckwit.

  3. Mon Jan 30 09:46:50 2017

    @Ali The only thing that's hilarious is you.

    Look at the way you convey yourself you're one big joke

    Youre some kind of rare faggot.

  4. Mon Jan 30 09:32:46 2017

    @Ali It's not hard to cancel a rupt when ur cancel cast is bound to your mouse. He's cancelling prdain and then missing it afterwards.

    Let's face it.. If it wasn't for the cancelling this would just be bog standard Mesmer play.

    Really? Cpt bot defending sergeant bot! This shit is hilarious!

  5. Mon Jan 30 09:06:10 2017

    Oh look its the circlejerk again.

    Yall some weak ass bitches, nom wat im sayin.

    Jokes aside, you are really pathetic. Esp people who botted then claimed legit and kept botting. I stood to my word when i was approached nicely, you are just a couple of asshats.

    /rant off

    People dont care, nor do i. Happy botting but please get some better bots kkthxbai

  6. Sun Jan 29 15:35:34 2017

    @Ra ; Congrats Java on your new house :)

    +1 major achievement! Thats about the only positive thing in this video lol

  7. Sun Jan 29 15:18:51 2017

    Hello everyone!

    I really dont give a shit anymore but a friend asked me to upload it here and tell you what it is. To the asshat in LaG (The Monk Destroyer), youre bot is pretty shit. Also you dont inject 2 times and fuck up mems and make your bot cancel skills. As the following video shows, he clearly has something on and it goes downhill after a couple minutes.

    Thats due to your shitty bot that has a little flaw :"bot logic conflicts, cause "checkrupts" and "checkIsCasting" (offset) are both active at a time..." aka you cant even bot.

    Now as you can see the real fuckup happens as the game goes on. Ill take that youre a good mes (i dont know nor do i care) but canceling pblock 6 times plus pdrain just for the sake of wasting energy makes me think youre a retarded ape.

    So here you go:

    And if another whiteknight fuckboi starts chiming in and goes off on me saying hes legit. Eat a bag of dicks and keep your circlejerk.

    much love xoxo

  8. Sun Jan 22 03:16:55 2017
    H hi im alex started the conversation Alex lf guild.

    Hello everyone,

    i wont care anymore about trying to form something or whatnot, so im looking to play somewhere. I play whatever you need and got a brain, unlike 99% of this community. No i fucking dont bot.

    pm me here or ing: Rain Drop Drop Top


  9. Sat Jan 21 10:14:11 2017
    H hi im alex posted in CHEAT looking for mAT replacement.

    since ace ditched us mid swiss rounds, holla at me.

    Still need another one

  10. Sat Jan 21 08:22:17 2017
    H hi im alex posted in CHEAT looking for mAT replacement.

    @Dirty Spikes why is that funny?

    Cause hes a retard and isnt in the team. A random shitter that sucks dick, the usual HURR DURR troll.

    Btw. here is my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/guru_alex


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