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    Mon Jul 17 16:44:11 2017
    Sellous posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    @Motoko Yeah... I suggested this years ago. Automatic enter = no way to avoid getting counter synced. (Along with monthly ladder resets so the syncers are more likely to give up on building up sync-able guilds over and over and over.)

    @kasperov Solution is simple.
    Remove this fucking bug that allows syncers to leave before match starts without loosing rating.
    Without this every1 could just enter gvg with 6 henchies and have fun playing. Then If people see other guys playing with 6 henchies they will try to find more players to win with them and then finally you are going to see 8 people teams in guild battles again.

    Not to say that isn't a valid point but I don't think that would be very effective because then syncers could just push guilds into gvg to force you to pair against stallers. The way stallers would function is they could make it, so their guild wouldn't pair with the stallers because they would have had already had faced it before and could not face it again due to the way the game operates (you need to face X amount of guilds) before you can face another team.

    And since syncers have higher rating than any guild today due to ladder not being reset and everybody remaking guilds after the mat they could keep stallers at low rating and you would forcibly pair against the stall guilds synce realistically sync guilds would take some time for the ladder to even let you pair with them depending on their rating. Or even if they desired they could even create new guilds and you'd pair with them just due to the rating different. Further syncers could push their rating back up easy sync the K value of ladder is too high than it should be given it's a non existent pvp format.

    And since they also have the ability to play on multiple accounts they could play vs you on stall guilds whilst they sync champ points forcing you if you didn't have a full team to take far longer to beat them. So while it sounds good on paper it's actually a very weak method to handle ladder syncing.

    Also I'm not sure how you plan to enter with 6 henchies pretty sure cap is still 4?

  2. Sun Jul 16 11:34:18 2017
    Sellous posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    @K R S ;C H K R How to fix PvP

    1st) Ban RM traders. Yay, the syncers are gone!
    2nd) Ban the remaining botters and people frequently playing with them.
    3rd) Find 1.2 mio active PvP players for GW.

    3rd is optional.

    That requires too much moderation where as just revamping certain pvp aspects will make syncing much harder in the long run and requires far less moderation and support intervention. And pvp syncers have very little to do with RM traders it's completely different. The syncers who found a way to abuse the game after these said changes would stick out like sore thumbs and little investigative work would be needed. If you wanted to hit RM traders you'd restrict the amount of connections a certain i.p or hardware i.d could make to the server since most of these sites that sell currency utilize 20-60 accounts at a time. The harder you make it the better it is rather than the more you monitor since that requires resources and a level of thought the current support system does not have.

  3. Sat Jul 15 11:26:02 2017
    Sellous started the conversation PvP: fix suggestions?.

    Snipped from my other post but in all seriousness and trolling aside would these changes be something that would alleviate most problems today? No emphasis on re-balancing abilities just pure mechanically re-structuring how pvp formats act as a whole in order to create less incentive for syncing and possibly give more incentive to those to play. (Although pointless at this point in time) I think these changes were long over do and would all over help rather than hurt the game in it's current state.

    PVP: Players can no longer gain champion, fame, gladiator, codex, and kurzick title track points, reward points, qualifier points, rating for a guild if an opposing player has the same hardware i.d or i.p.

    GVG: The team that wins the ladder will be given a permanent envoy emote for that guild. (not account bound)
    GVG: Rating no longer effects the ability to gain champion points it only determines /guild emote.
    GVG: All ladder, swiss round from the monthly, automated tournament games are on tv regardless of rank.
    GVG: Heroes are no longer disabled for ladder, scrims, challenges, automated tournaments.
    GVG: Introduced game modes for scrim and challenges.
    GVG: Champion title track rework where automated tournaments and monthly automated tournaments are the only way to gain points;
    W + (n-1) + 1
    W = win
    n = consecutive
    First win 1 + (0-1) +1 = 1
    First consecutive win 1 + (1 -1) + 1 = 2
    Second consecutive win 1 + (2 - 1) +1 = 3
    Third consecutive win 1+ (3 - 1) +1 = 4 (However still capped to a total of 10 points a day)

    SCRIM/CHALLENGE: Increased the maximum number of heroes to 7 from 0.
    SCRIM/CHALLENGE: Enabled a game mode option to select VoD or lord based pvp fortmat.
    SCRIM/CHALLENGE: Game mode option also allows the ability to select the flux for that game.

    LADDER: resets after the Monthly Automated Tournament - ( meant for emote syncers ) / ( guild emote reward)
    LADDER: no longer grants champion points.
    LADDER: K value reduced to 0-5 Down from a maximum of 0-19.
    LADDER: Maximum number of heroes increased to 6 from 0.

    AT: Guilds only require one out of four players to be a member. Down from 2.
    AT: Minimum required players to enter an automated tournament increased to 4 from 2.
    AT: Guilds are no longer required to have 2 seven dayers to enter automated tournaments.
    AT: Automated tournaments only require 2 guilds to enter for the tournament to happen down from 5.
    AT: Maximum number of heroes increased to 4 from 0.
    AT: If all paired guilds finish their match sooner than the maximum allotted time than the game prepares the next round with a 2:00 minute intermission followed by a 5:00 periods to prepare for the next match for a total of 7:00 minutes before the game if all matches ended prior to 26:00 minutes.

    MAT: A guild with 20 qualifier points and less than 4 seven dayers in the guild may not enter.
    MAT: Heroes remain disabled.
    MAT: Increased Champion point cap to 20.

    HA: Only 2 guilds are able to participate in Hall Of Heroes at a given time (red, yellow) down from 3.
    HA: Winning in Heroes Ascent grants a minimum of 10 fame up from 1.
    HA: Consecutive win bonus is removed before Hall Of Heroes.
    HA: Hall Of Heroes wins grant a minimum of 25 points to a maximum of 40.
    HA: Teams with more players will be given priority to enter Hall Of Heroes if they are on timer over hench teams. (regardless of how far they are) as long as they don't share the same hardware i.d or ip as an opposing team currently in.

    Troll replies will be ignored!

  4. Fri Jul 14 07:41:41 2017

    hungry for more games :)

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    Thu Jul 6 19:34:30 2017
    Sellous posted in Goldcape players flame..

    @Ep S I do not remember where fisto came from, but i remember you came on prot? He ran through the back of our base into the back of the other teams base, not saying anything, kinda rambod into their base right off the bat, it looked like he was throwing or he literally had no idea what was going on.

    Yes he threw it, purposely? idk.
    Does this kid have a gold cape now?


    login sin 1 v 1

  6. Sun Jul 2 12:55:56 2017
    Sellous posted in Recruiting For July MAT/AT's.

    @BoiMax i quit gw forever - Jorn every month
    i should be on for mAT - Jorn every month

    You keep talking about jorn playing/not playing lil weird...

  7. Sat Jul 1 08:33:36 2017

    Had some fun games need more pls

  8. Mon Jun 26 16:48:42 2017
    Sellous started the conversation LF mirror 1 v 1 (Honor BA or Shadow Wire).



    Everything goes - > duels, splits, npcs, flags, lord damage, lord death etc.!

    • > pm Get A Brain
    • > pm Wren Bear

    ( if you have a build in mind I could also do that ) or BYOB etc. etc.... LMK

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    Mon May 22 08:53:28 2017
    Sellous posted in RA Hack.

    @Robert (Just to be clear)

    This dude has been (coming?) for me for years after a fall out of suspensions (both IP & client ban) I did on him.

    You're sick dude you need help

    provide the entire email thats false and fake. you supposably dont know me right then post this fake email? ill post my entire email if you do. but we both know you wont, and i can have izzy confirm i have only one ban on my account from 2006 for the name my heals give aids. I'll be posting you admitting to buying the bot if you don't show the entire email.

  10. Sat May 20 17:23:32 2017
    Sellous posted in RA Hack.

    @Robert ?????????????
    Sorry I (exposed) you in the previous thread.

    Trying so hard to stay relevant lmaoo

    Exposed me how? I asked for evidence to back up your ridiculous statements. I proved I've had my name longer than you've played the game and also can prove you admitted to having bots.

    Ripped moved to other thread ~

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