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  1. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 27 16:30:50 2017
    Sellous posted in ProjectSCRAMS.

    I'd be down if builds weren't always enforced.

  2. Mon Jun 26 16:48:42 2017
    Sellous started the conversation LF mirror 1 v 1 (Honor BA or Shadow Wire).



    Everything goes - > duels, splits, npcs, flags, lord damage, lord death etc.!

    -> pm Get A Brain

    ( if you have a build in mind I could also do that ) or BYOB etc. etc.... LMK

  3. 3 months ago
    Mon May 22 08:53:28 2017
    Sellous posted in RA Hack.

    @Robert (Just to be clear)

    This dude has been (coming?) for me for years after a fall out of suspensions (both IP & client ban) I did on him.

    You're sick dude you need help

    provide the entire email thats false and fake. you supposably dont know me right then post this fake email? ill post my entire email if you do. but we both know you wont, and i can have izzy confirm i have only one ban on my account from 2006 for the name my heals give aids. I'll be posting you admitting to buying the bot if you don't show the entire email.

  4. Sat May 20 17:23:32 2017
    Sellous posted in RA Hack.

    @Robert ?????????????
    Sorry I (exposed) you in the previous thread.

    Trying so hard to stay relevant lmaoo

    Exposed me how? I asked for evidence to back up your ridiculous statements. I proved I've had my name longer than you've played the game and also can prove you admitted to having bots.

    Ripped moved to other thread ~

  5. Thu May 18 15:40:23 2017
    Sellous posted in RA Hack.

    It's ironic that you're posting regarding bots/hacks especially since you have about 3 accounts banned for the same thing. Lol!

  6. Sat Apr 29 08:47:47 2017
    Sellous posted in HA 29th of April.

    inflation makes these rewards irrelevant. also, youd still probably face that fag who throws 40 alts in.

  7. 4 months ago
    Wed Apr 5 09:20:16 2017
    Sellous posted in Scrim the japanese team.

    It's 1 am in japan atm. This is usually when they stop / jump on gw2.

  8. Mon Apr 3 16:11:16 2017
    Sellous posted in Build Thread.

    @Ra ; Instead of theorising I decided to test this in a scrim yesterday.

    I played Xinrae's with resilient, shadow, glyph and windbourne speed.
    I thought the build did work alright considering I'm super rusty on backline and specially on ritualist. We played against a necro balanced with a ranger pushing for me alot and imo thanks to xinrae's and weapon of shadow I did not shut down as often I would have with warding. Still did a few times ofcourse, but that's your life of a rit :)

    Wanding the ranger / frontline when you have weapon of shadow is great to get life spirit up or glyph. It was also great to push flags through. I did try once to resilient the flagger, weapon of shadow myself and blind the guy trying to snare our flag, which worked alright.

    In the end it's suicide in general to play a rit vs nec bala and imo weapon of shadow would work much better vs pain train builds or physical builds with paragons or something. Still wasn't too bad.

    I don't think it would be so bad if a lot of builds weren't caster dominated and if interrupts weren't as frequent / no consequence if missed. Also if the recharge wasn't so long. It's also hard to run when most professions can remove their own conditions (harriers, mend touch). It also doesn't help vs aggression. Too many con's tbh.

  9. Sun Apr 2 06:33:12 2017
    Godly changed Sellous's group to Member.
  10. Fri Mar 31 10:11:32 2017
    Sellous posted in Build Thread.

    @LittleYoshi We can easily analyze this specific situation and talk about it.

    What did the Rit play against? -> We can see he plays against 2 Hammer Warriors + at least a Dom Mes and probably an oldschool Illusion split Mes.

    What would have been the best solution in this situation with enough energy/no rupts, snares or kds? -> Weapon of Warding against the 2 Wars and the Monks can heal/remove the hexes.

    What was he probably thinking about? -> He is playing against 2 Mesmers with around 4 rupts combined, which would make casting the Weapon of Warding extremely difficult with flag in hand and he tries to cast Xinraes to get at least some kind of heal from it.

    Should he have at least tried to cast Weapon of Warding or Resilient on himself? -> He was able to cast 3 of his 1 second casttime weapons without eating any rupts, which probably means the Mesmers didnt even look at the Rit and misplayed in that sense and the Rit could have abused this to his advantage and give himself a 24/7 Weapon of Warding.

    What could have been done different? -> Run the flag to the stand on something else thats not the Rit himself against this kind of build.

    All around you can definitely argue that the Rit misplayed this situation and at least deserves some kind of blame for it.

    Right not disagreeing that he didn't make mistakes but his team made much graver mistakes. That doesn't mean the rit is mentally impaired especially when we are talking about a player that has been strong long before most of the current QQ players even touched PvP let alone the game itself. What is even more of a disgrace is mocking a player who had actual ties to QQ, iQ, DM, and dR. Say he played like shit but call him mentally impaired? Who the fuck are you shisha? I'm waiting to hear how you played with QQ.

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